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For students of political science, Stetson offers a diverse array of courses taught in small-class settings. Courses range from traditional introductory subjects of American Government and Comparative Politics to more specialized classes and seminars in such topics as Russian Foreign Policy and Religion and Politics. Class size in the Department varies from 8 to 30 students.

The requirements for the political science major are designed to allow students to follow their special interests in the discipline while insuring that they obtain a broad education in political science. To achieve this end, majors are required to take five designated courses (including a senior seminar the fall semester of their senior year) and to research and write a senior thesis. The remaining courses in the major are electives. Beginning with the class of 2012, students must complete a total of 10 unit courses of required and elective courses.

To give their major added cohesion and to prepare themselves for the writing of the senior thesis, political science majors may choose to concentrate their elective courses in one or two of the four major areas of the discipline: American government, comparative politics, international relations or political theory. Students may also wish to seek out courses in other departments that relate to their particular interests in political science. Those interested in Latin-American politics, for example, should consider enrolling in appropriate language and culture courses at Stetson. And all political science majors should seriously consider taking a year of economics (macro and micro) and some history. By graduation, majors should understand the outlines of modern world history and have a detailed knowledge of 20th century history in their area of concentration (United States, Latin America, Russia, etc.).

To assist students in designing their major, the following is political science curriculum at Stetson divided by area specialty:

American Government

Comparative Politics

International Relations

Political Theory and Methodology

For course descriptions and information, please refer to the courses page.