Political Science Courses

For Aristotle, politics was the "master science" on which all branches of human activity depended. For Stetson students today, political science offers an opportunity to explore how and why public decisions are made on issue ranging from health care to tax policy to human rights to the environment. With a knowledge of public affairs and developed skills of critical thinking, speaking, and writing, students are well-prepared for senior projects (which routinely win awards from the Florida Political Science Association). They are also well-prepared for graduate and professional study, notably in law, public policy, international relations, and management. Other graduates enter professions such as community service, public administration, journalism, and business. A distinctive feature of Stetson's program is its emphasis on opportunities for learning beyond the classroom through study abroad, internships, participation in the Washington Semester or the Model Senate, or small-group conversations with distinguished Thurman and Stewart Lecturers.

American Government

Comparative Politics

International Relations

Political Theory and Methodology

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