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Peer Advisory Council for Title IX

The Peer Advisory Council for Title IX (PACT) are student activists, educators, and advocates working toward creating a culture of consent on Stetson's campus. This means encouraging and embodying the values of gender equity, inclusivity, healthy relationships, openness, boldness, and compassion. Our ultimate goal is to end domestic/dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking on campus. We seek to foster dialogue around Title IX issues, educate our community, empower active bystanders, support survivors, help our peers understand and utilize the Title IX process, and build awareness around the facts of sexual and domestic violence.

Redirect. Organize. Assert. Report. (ROAR)

An empowered bystander is someone who sees or hears something that doesn’t feel right to them and decides to intervene in the interest of keeping others safe and healthy. At Stetson, we know that all our Hatters can make a difference in a potentially dangerous situation.

There are many ways to be an active bystander! Active Bystanders ROAR

Redirect: Shifting the attention of the people involved to change the dynamics of the situation

Organize: Calling someone else for help who might be better able to handle the situation

Assert: Stepping in and addressing the problem directly

Report: Using the Report-It form or calling Public Saftey for professional support