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Hatter Network

The Reporter

The Reporter is Florida's oldest collegiate publication. Our job is to keep the Stetson University and the DeLand communities updated on news and events, and to give students and faculty alike a voice. You can contact The Reporter at [email protected].

WHAT Radio

WHAT Radio is Stetson University's internet radio station, broadcasting globally 24/7. Featuring content covering everything from music to sports to comedy, Hatter Radio allows students and faculty to reach countless listeners around the world. Check out our live stream now!


Touchstone is Stetson University's annual literary magazine; it functions as a vehicle for student expression, publishing original pieces of fine art, literature, music, digital media and performance art regardless of the author's major, class, standing or academic experience. Touchstone prints the best of student submissions, decided by committee; special recognition may be awarded to students whose work in their genre is deemed exceptional by the editing team.

Uncouth Hour

Affiliated with Touchstone, Uncouth Hour is a weekly open-mic event in which Stetson University's community of artists are afforded the opportunity to share their work with others in an environment conducive to literature and the arts. Uncouth Hour is held on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. in Lee's Garage. Its sessions are open, welcoming, non-binding and they provide snacks and cultural credit.