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Through Greek Life, Stetson University speaks a language of leadership development, mentorship and lifelong networking — all under guidance and support from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Involvement. A total of 17 active chapters and three governing councils create a welcoming environment that is filled with learning, growing and, of course, having fun. To join in on Greek Life, fill out the interest form below to begin your journey!

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P. Taylor Ford

"As soon as I started talking to the people involved in my sorority, I felt like I was home and I had found my people. Is one of the best decisions I made for myself in college. It is a great choice and one you won't regret."

P. Taylor Ford
Omega chapter of Alpha Xi delta

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Nickname: Alpha Tau, ATO
Council: IFC
Colors: Azure Blue, Old Gold
Flower: White Rose
Motto: Love and Respect
National Founding Date: September 11, 1865
Stetson Founding Year: 1983

Instagram: @stetson_ato 

If you’re looking for a place where you belong, a place to have fun, and a place where you can grow and develop in meaningful ways with like-minded individuals, ATO is that place. But more than a place, Alpha Tau Omega is an opportunity. It allows you to be part of something much bigger than a college experience, a brotherhood that makes a difference and a brotherhood with a strong values-based foundation.

National ATO Website


Alpha Tau Omega crest

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Nickname: Delta Sig
Council: IFC
Colors: Nile Green, White
Flower: White Carnation
Motto: Better Men, Better Lives
National Founding Date: December 10, 1899
Stetson Founding Year: 1925

Instagram: @deltasigstetson

Delta Sigma Phi's mission is to empower and encourage our members to become Better Men – men of culture, men of harmony, and men of friendship. Our vision is to become America’s leading fraternity, with an unparalleled leadership experience; recognized as among the most respected and influential organizations on campuses; and a culture that compels all living members to actively participate.

National Delta Sigma Phi Website


Delta Sigma Phi crest

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Nickname: Lambda Chi
Council: IFC
Colors: Purple, Green, Gold
Flower: White Rose
Motto: Every Man a Man
National Founding Date: November 11, 1909
Stetson Founding Year: 1949

Instagram: @sulambdachi

Because more men deserve to become better versions of themselves. At Lambda Chi Alpha, our mission is simple; we inspire and equip men to lead an ethical life of growth, service, and leadership. We do this by offering value-based programming, leadership opportunities and strong partnerships. 

National Lambda Chi Alpha Website

Lambda Chi Alpha crest

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Nickname: PIKE
Council: IFC
Colors: Garnet, Old Gold
Flower: Lily of the Valley
Motto: Once A PIKE, Always A PIKE
National Founding Date: March 1, 1868
Stetson Founding Year: 1977

Instagram: @stetsonpikes

Pi Kappa Alpha is an international leader in the fraternity experience. With over 305,000 lifetime initiates, our network reaches from Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY, and all across North America. We challenge members to be pillars of integrity and beacons of success on their campuses and within their communities. By finding and recruiting the most outstanding men on campus, we create the ideal fraternal experience.

National Pi Kappa Alpha Website

Pi Kappa Alpha crest

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Nickname: Pi Kapp
Council: IFC
Colors: Royal Blue, White, Gold
Flower: Red Rose
Motto: Nothing shall ever tear us asunder
National Founding Date: December 10, 1904
Stetson Founding Year: Re-Charter 2021

Instagram: @pikappstetson

Being a Pi Kappa Phi means aiming higher and dreaming bigger. When you become a Pi Kappa Phi, you’ll be a part of a brotherhood that strives to learn more, become more, and contribute more. Beyond irreplaceable friendships, you’ll have access to a resourced network of over 130,000 brothers ready to support you through everything. Our mission is to create an uncommon and lifelong brotherhood that develops leaders and encourages service to others for the betterment of our communities.

National Pi Kappa Phi Website

Pi Kappa Phi crest

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Nickname: Sigmas
Council: NPHC
Colors: Royal Blue, Pure White
Flower: White Carnation
Motto: Culture For Service and Service For Humanity
National Founding Date: January 9, 1914
Stetson Founding Year: 2019

Instagram: @stetsonsigmas

The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma are the Fraternity’s most valuable resource and strength. They are the primary means by which the Phi Beta Sigma objectives will be achieved. In order to accomplish the Fraternity’s objectives, it is essential that systems are instituted that effectively embody “Culture For Service and Service For Humanity” and promote brotherhood, scholarship and service.

National Phi Beta Sigma Website

Phi Beta Sigma crest

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Nickname: Phi Sig
Council: IFC
Colors: Red, Silver
Flower: Red Carnation, White Tea Rose
Motto: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
National Founding Date: March 15, 1873
Stetson Founding Year: 1973

Instagram: @phisigsu

Phi Sigma Kappa is a lifelong brotherhood dedicated to the betterment of the individual, the university community, and our world, by giving its members opportunities to develop leadership skills, participate in service to others, achieve academic excellence, experience cultural diversity and practice personal integrity.

National Phi Sigma Kappa Website 

Phi Sigma Kappa crest

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Nickname: Sig Nu
Council: IFC
Colors: Black, White, Gold
Flower: White English Floribunda
Motto: Love, Truth, Honor
National Founding Date: January 1, 1869
Stetson Founding Year: 1913

Instagram: @sigmanustetson

Sigma Nu's mission is to develop ethical leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Honor, and Truth. To foster the personal growth of each man’s mind, heart, and character. To perpetuate lifelong friendships and commitment to the Fraternity. Sigma Nu currently has over 160 active chapters and colonies on college campuses throughout the United States and has initiated over 235,000 members since its founding.

National Sigma Nu Website 

Sigma Nu crest

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Nickname: Sig Ep
Council: IFC
Colors: Purple, Red
Flower: Violet and Dark Red Rose
Motto: Virtue, Diligence, Brotherly Love
National Founding Date: November 1, 1901
Stetson Founding Year: 1949

Instagram: @sigepstetson

SigEp is redefining fraternity on college campuses across the country. We complement a man’s education by delivering a premier student experience in one of the most formative times of his life. Through SigEp, men strengthen their character, build leadership and interpersonal skills, and learn to develop healthy, lifelong relationships that are essential to a successful and fulfilling life.

National Sigma Phi Epsilon Website

Sigma Phi Epsilon crest

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Nickname: Alpha Chi
Council: Panhellenic
Colors: Scarlet Red and Olive Green
Flower: Red Carnation
Motto: Together let us seek the heights
National Founding Date: October 15, 1885
Stetson Founding Year: 1958

Instagram: @stetsonaxo

National Alpha Chi Omega Website

Alpha Chi Omega is a women’s organization dedicated to empowering real, strong women to reach their potential through a lifelong experience of sisterhood, service and leadership development. This is a place where real, strong women find connection, a community of support and opportunities to grow among those who encourage them to chase their passions and value them for who they really are— and want to become. Alpha Chi Omega has more than 140 collegiate chapters, 170 alumnae chapters and 300,000 sisters who have proudly worn the lyre badge since our founding in 1885. 


Alpha Chi Omega crest

students from sorority posing and smiling together holding their symbol signs


Nickname: AXiD, Alpha Xi 
Council: Panhellenic
Color: Light Blue, Navy Blue, Gold
Flower: Pink Rose
Motto: The pen is mightier than the sword
National Founding Date: April 17, 1893
Stetson Founding Year: 1917

Instagram: @stetsonaxid

Chapter Website

Alpha Xi Delta inspires women to realize their potential by providing opportunities for sisterhood, leadership, knowledge, and service. Together, we strive to become better versions of ourselves by growing in courage, graciousness and peace!


Alpha Xi Delta crest

students from sorority posing and smiling together holding their symbol signs


Nickname: Tri Delta, TriDelt
Council: Panhellenic
Colors: Silver, Gold, Cerulean Blue
Flower: Pansy
Motto: Let us steadfastly love one another
National Founding Date: November 27, 1888
Stetson Founding Year: 1913

Instagram: @trideltasu

National Delta Delta Delta Website

Tri Delta is an assembly of women with shared values where you can be yourself and belong to something bigger. We are brave, bold and kind. We are passionate about serving others, committed to becoming the best version of ourselves and dedicated to helping women live, learn and lead—with Purpose—for a lifetime.


Delta Delta Delta

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Nickname: Theta
Council: Panhellenic
Colors: Black, Gold
Flower: Pansy
Motto: Leading Women
National Founding Date: January 27, 1870
Stetson Founding Year: 1981, 2016

Instagram: @stetsontheta

National Kappa Alpha Theta Website 

Theta is not like other organizations. We are different. Our members are different. We are not afraid to stand out; to be authentic; to make a difference together. Thetas are passionate, determined leaders and stand up for what they believe in. It may not always be easy, but it is unwavering and real. As Thetas, we inspire one another to be our best selves.


Kappa Alpha Theta crest

students from sorority posing and smiling together with their symbol signs


Nickname: Pi Phi
Council: Panhellenic
Colors: Silver Blue, Wine
Flower: White Carnation
Motto: Leading with Values
National Founding Date: April 28th, 1867
Stetson Founding Year: 1913

Instagram: @stetsonpiphi

National Pi Beta Phi Website

Pi Beta Phi has worked to support and empower our sisters since 1867. In the century and a half since, more than 300,000 women have proudly worn our golden arrow. Through a lifelong membership experience rooted in timeless values, we promote friendship, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service—ensuring each member has the support of sincere friends and the inspiration to achieve their goals.


Pi Beta Phi crest

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Nickname: SGRho 
Council: NPHC
Colors: Royal Blue, Gold
Flower: Yellow Tea Rose
Motto: Greater Service, Greater Progress
National Founding Date: November 12, 1922
Stetson Founding Year: 2011

Instagram: @sgrho_su

Sigma Gamma Rho is a national collegiate sorority incorporated in 1922. Over the years, Sigma Gamma Rho has served as a home for thousands of collegiate and professional women looking for a place to share inspiring life experiences, learn new things, conquer life challenges, thrive in society, and uplift the community through sisterhood, scholarship, and service. The dynamic women of Sigma Gamma Rho have built and sustained a well-known and highly respected reputation for leading positive change. 

National Website

Sigma Gamma Rho crest

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Nickname: Zeta
Council: NPHC
Colors: Royal Blue, White
Flower: White Rose
Motto: A community-conscious, action-oriented organization
National Founding Date: January 16, 1920
Stetson Founding Year: 2022

Instagram: @stetsonzphib 

The membership of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. includes 125,000+ college-educated, dynamic, community service-driven, diverse and professional women. The benefits of membership include opportunities for professional development, personal development, and sisterhood. Our members are active in their respective communities and hold dear the ideals of Service, Scholarship, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood.

National Website

Zeta Phi Beta

students from sorority posing and smiling together holding their symbol signs


Nickname: Zeta
Council: Panhellenic
Colors: Turquoise Blue, Steel Gray
Flower: White Violet
Motto: Seek the Noblest
National Founding Date: October 15th, 1898
Stetson Founding Year: 1934

Instagram: @stetsonzeta

National Zeta Tau Alpha Website

Zeta Tau Alpha was created to make a difference in the lives of our members by developing the potential of each individual. Our goal is to connect members through a close bond of sisterhood and to build up a purer and nobler womanhood in the world. This womanhood is made of many individual women and it celebrates the uniqueness each sister brings.


Zeta Tau Alpha crest

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Our current Greek community has six National Panhellenic Conference Sororities, three National Pan-Hellenic Conference Organizations, and eight North American Interfraternity Conference Fraternities.

Greek life is always growing and changing at Stetson University. As an institution, we are constantly working to provide multiple opportunities for students to be engaged in the fraternity and sorority community.

Governing council of 8 Men's Social Fraternal Organizations. The council and most of its chapters are affiliated with the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC).

IFC will host a recruitment week from September 3-7 with Bid Day being September 8. To register for recruitment, fill out the registration form. Everyone who signs up for recruitment will visit each chapter for 20 minutes on Tuesday, September 3. After that date, students will be provided a list of events fraternities will be hosting the rest of the week. On Sunday, September 8 students will get notified of which fraternities offer them bids for membership. Later in the day students will accept membership and join their new fraternity for Bid Day activities.

Governing council of 3 Historically Black Fraternities and Sororities. The council and all fraternities and sororities under it are affiliated with the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC).

NPHC, also known as the Divine 9, participates in an intake process to gain new members. Each chapter will host interest meetings. For more information, we encourage students to reach out to the individual chapters.

Governing Council for six Women's International Organizations. The council and all six Panhellenic sororities are affiliated with the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC).

Panhellenic Sorority primary recruitment will take place September 3-7 with Bid Day taking place on Sunday, September 8. In order to go through primary recruitment, you must register. Registration opens June 1 and will close on September 2. Make sure to select "Stetson University Panhellenic Sororities." Once you register for recruitment a recruitment counselor also known as a Rho Gamma will reach out to answer any questions you may have about the recruitment process.

Apart from Fraternities and Sororities, Stetson encourages academic excellence and leadership through a range of honorary societies and disciplinary clubs.

Honorary Societies

Contact Information 

If you have questions about Fraternity and Sorority Life at Stetson University, reach out to [email protected].