The Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Dr. Judith A. Burnett, Associate Professor of Counselor Education and Clinical Mental Health Counseling have launched a new multicultural graduate student organization that is designed to support graduate students of color through their journey of graduate education by building a community to thrive.

The program provides graduate students an opportunity to dialogue and explore issues of difference, acceptance, and intercultural learning. These skills are critical to success at Stetson and beyond. Stetson graduate students come from a wide range of areas, from urban cities to rural towns, metropolitan suburbs to countries around the world. Our program is particularly relevant for students from traditionally underrepresented groups/backgrounds. Impact explores the diversity of student experiences at Stetson University, with emphasis on the experiences of students of color and on issues related to pursing academic consciousness and community leadership.

Benefits of Impact

  • Establishing a network of peer support
  • Strong campus connections
  • Community building
  • Intellectual exploration
  • Intercultural exploration
  • Leadership development