The mission of IMPACT is to support, empower and increase awareness of historically marginalized students who are pursuing a graduate degree, and to advocate for an inclusive learning experience where students can engage in dialogue, challenge barriers and build collaborative relationships.


The vision of IMPACT is to create a culture of belonging, engagement, and self-advocacy where multicultural graduate students at Stetson can realize their potential and flourish in and outside of the classroom.

IMPACT’s Principles

  • Transformative Education: Contribute to the academic mission of Stetson by engaging and facilitating —when necessary— thought-provoking and participatory learning experiences.
  • Community: Actively build an inclusive and positive environment of belonging for all members of the Stetson University graduate student community.
  • Collaboration: Recognize that this important work on behalf of students is most effective when we pool our collective wisdom and resources.
  • Innovation: Enhance our services and vision by being open to, seeking, and creatively implementing new ideas.
  • Social Justice: Inspire individuals and groups to examine systems of privilege and oppression.
  • Tradition: Invite all individuals and groups to bring personal and cultural traditions together to enrich their respective Stetson University learning experience.

IMPACT’s Commitment to Stetson’s Values

IMPACT will contribute to the intellectual development of multicultural graduate students by fostering students' ability to think critically through collaborating with academic units to create dialogue, inspire reflection and arouse new viewpoints for intellectual growth within the Stetson University community.

IMPACT will contribute to global citizenship of multicultural graduate students by providing students with resources to promote social justice at Stetson University and around the world through facilitating collaborative campus-wide initiatives that promote intercultural exchange, civic involvement, equity and access.

IMPACT will contribute to the personal growth of multicultural graduate students by providing leadership and professional development opportunities for students to build community, contribute to the knowledge production in their respective fields, and enhance their academic experience.