FAQs for Faculty

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions from faculty.

  1. When students complete the 3-step registration process for accommodations with the Accessibility Services Center, their professors are notified via email from our office. The Accessibility Services Center requires that students submit an Accommodations Request each semester for their accommodations to be in place. A student's accommodations are not considered active until the request is submitted.
  2. If you have not received notification from the ASC regarding a student's accommodations during the current semester, than they either are not registered or have not requested their accommodations for that semester. If you are unsure, please contact 386-822-7127 and we can assist you.

The Accessibility Services Center is more than happy to collaborate with faculty to better understand how to ensure a student's access or explore creative solutions to classroom accessibility barriers. We know that sometimes the structure of a course does not always allow for seamless implementation of accommodations and may require additional discussion (e.g., lab courses where a student requires extended time on evaluations). The Accessibility Services Center is always available to collaborate with faculty and students to find solutions to barriers to access while also maintaining the academic integrity of the course.

  1. Students are required to meet with staff at the Accessibility Services Center to establish accommodations. Before this meeting, a student's documentation is reviewed to ensure that accommodations established through the Accessibility Services Center correlate with a student's need based on their documented disabilities and personally reported barriers.
  2. If you have concerns about the appropriateness of a student's recommended accommodations, please contact 386-822-7127.

The Accessibility Services Center asks that if you believe a student may be eligible for accommodations that you speak with them. They may be registered but have forgotten to request accommodations for the semester. If they have not already reached out to the Accessibility Services Center, your referral may encourage them to seek assistance. Throughout the conversation, it is important to focus on observable behaviors (e.g. running out of time on exams, difficulty keeping up with content, consistent spelling or grammatical issues on papers). It is the policy of the Accessibility Services Center not to reveal a student's accommodations without their permission and if asked we can only inform faculty of whether or not a student is registered for accommodations and if they have requested accommodations for the current semester.

Yes. Students have the right to request their accommodations at any time during the semester. This means that students sometimes request to have their accommodations active mid-semester, and the accommodations are still honored. Unless extenuating circumstances have been communicated, the Accessibility Services Center has established a general expectation that new accommodations requests should not be implemented starting 1 week prior to final exams.

  1. The Accessibility Services Center (ASC) asks students to request their accommodations 5-7 business days prior to an exam if testing in the space provided by the ASC. If a student fails to do so, it is with the understanding that the ASC may not be able to reasonably accommodate the request due to available space, staffing, or time. Students are only allowed two late exam requests per semester.
  2. If a student contacts you asking for accommodations on an exam, you may provide the requested accommodations, if able. If a student failed to submit an exam request in the expected 5-7 business day window, students are aware that access to their accommodations at that point is not guaranteed. If a student requests testing accommodations on the day of an exam, with no prior notice, it is not expected that faculty implement those accommodations. That student is still eligible to request and utilize accommodations for future exams provided they are registered with the ASC and have coordinated with our office or faculty in advance.

The university has an established "Animals on Campus" policy. Please visit our policies and guidelines page for more about animals on campus, also included in our Code of Community Standards. Any additional questions can be referred to the Accessibility Services Center ([email protected]; 386-822-7127).