Discovery Program

Academic advisor pointing to something on computer screen while student watches

What you pursue and learn in college can develop your values, shape your goals, and clarify your aspirations. At Stetson University, the curriculum is designed in a way that allows students the opportunity to design a unique learning experience as they explore. The Discovery Program is a hub of active exploration and reflection with faculty, staff, and peers that can assist students in progressing successfully through their undergraduate career and even beyond Stetson.

Students who would like to explore majors prior to declaring can enroll in the Discovery Program. You will receive personalized guidance as explore your areas of interest as they relate to majors and careers. Every semester you will receive support to build a schedule that exposes you to potential majors and satisfies General Education requirements.

Discovery Program Highlights

  • Individual Discovery advising appointments
  • Specialized Discovery workshops and presentations
  • Virtual advising labs
  • Supplemental support from Career and Professional Development

For more information regarding the Discovery Program, please contact [email protected] or 386-822-7345.

To schedule an appointment, access the Stetson SSC from the Student Life tab on Log on, select the blue "Get Assistance" button on the top right-hand side, select "Academic Services," then "Academic Success." 

Timeline showing how a student could experience the Discovery Program

Sample Major Exploration Timelines

  • Step 1: Initial discovery meeting during summer advising.
  • Step 2: Complete Advising 101 lab module
  • Step 3: Required discovery advising meeting and meeting with your faculty advisor
  • Step 4: Optional discovery workshop

  • Step1: Set up a meeting with CAPD
  • Step 2: Complete Advising 101 lab and meet with academic areas
  • Step 3: Required discovery advising meeting and meeting with your faculty advisor
  • Step 4: Goal of declaring your major

  • Step1: Continue to work with CAPD
  • Step 2: More frequent discovery advising Check-ins 
  • Step 3: Plan future courses with your faculty advisor
  • Step 4: More frequent discovery advising check-ins and major declaration

Frequently Asked Questions

Personalized guidance and mentorship through the exploration stages of major declaration. Referrals to various campus areas/ partners will aid in a holistic overview of the process.

Your first semester gives you the flexibility to explore your interests while also completing required general education requirements. Students will have the opportunity to adjust their first-semester schedule with the help of the Discovery advisor. However, this is what a first-semester schedule may look like for Discovery students.

  • FSEM
  • First course in Interest Area
  • Gen Ed
  • Elective

After you have explored and decided on a major you are ready to declare! Discuss the transition with your Discovery advisor and submit the Request for a Change of Major/Advisor.

For those students who are undecided when they enter Stetson, the goal is that they will be able to identify and transition into their major by the end of their first year.

The Discovery program is open to any current student. Students may enter this program by submitting the Request for a Change of Major/Advisor.