Getting Hired

On-campus employment may offer some of the first opportunities students have to explore professional responsibilities and future career paths. Although the Office of Student Financial Planning does not guarantee employment or place students directly into an on-campus position, we have compiled some resources on this page that may assist you in your search for an opportunity to be significant.

  • College Central - College Central is an interactive database of available positions on campus. Although the site is most active at the start of each semester, on-campus departments post available positions throughout the year.
  • Career Development - Many departments, particularly those where student employees engage in customer service, clerical work and administrative tasks, will wish to review a current resume as part of their hiring process. Students are encouraged to develop a professional resume and may wish to enlist the complimentary services of Stetson University’s Office of Career Development. The career development office offers assistance in writing resumes and various other relevant skills.
  • The hiring of a student employee is governed by numerous federal, state and institutional regulations that may require students to complete a number of forms and meet certain requirements PRIOR to their first day of employment. Our office has created an informative Prezi-based presentation designed to assist you in navigating these requirements and beginning your journey towards significance.