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Though Wellness and Recreation is mostly known for our recreational activities, we constantly strive for a healthier campus and healthier students. For example, did you know that we offer free biannual HIV screening to students, that our wellness interns provide monthly health huts and that we sponsor the Think About It program, which every incoming first-year student is required to complete?


Alcohol and Other Drugs

These programs help to build awareness of not just the dangers of alcohol and other drugs, but how to overcome them if they're present in your life. Programs include the 21st Birthday Project, tobacco initiatives and the BASICS program.

HIV Screening

Twice a year we offer free on-campus HIV screening as a convenience to students. This page also lists convenient off-campus locations and directions on how to find other off-campus locations.

Reality Campaign

The Reality Campaign is a social norms campaign that uses the National College Health Assessment Survey (NCHA) to expose students to misperceptions and behaviors of their peers.

Sexual Assault Prevention

This page offers definitions of various types of sexual assault and how to recognize forms of violence. We also sponsor events that help to build awareness of these events and that encourage people to end sexual assault.

Sleep, Stress and Resiliency

Sleep is an under-appreciated tool for stress relief and is also an essential aspect to maintaining your overall health. Learn about sleep hygiene, how to get better sleep, how to reduce stress, and how to build resiliency against stress and stressful situations.

Wellness Interns

Wellness interns are Stetson University's premiere peer education group, educating students on healthy lifestyles and strong decision-making skills.

Wellness Workshops

Wellness workshops are prepared presentations on various topics including alcohol and other drugs, general wellness, and sexual health. Presentations can also be tailored to your specific group's needs.