Student Employee of the Month

  • October 2019
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2018-2019 Fast Facts

  • Last year, 98.1% of our students reported that they grew professionally from their position.
  • Last year, 99.5% of our student employees positively contributed to campus through their positions.
  • This year, students worked more than 210,000 hours and earned over $1.8M total.
  • We currently have 1,481 students hired into positions.
  • We have 104 supervisors on campus who represent 93 departments.

Student Employee Testimonials

John Banks, senior, Student Ambassador Captian for the Office of Admission

"I enjoy my on-campus job because it gives me the opportunity to connect with other students and employees. It also allows me to work when I can so that I can focus on my classes and studying. Having an on-campus job truly elevated my Stetson experience and allowed me to grow exponentially as a leader on campus."

Brendan Haviland, senior, Workshop Coordinator for Health Promotions, Building Manager at Wellness and Recreation

"I love working with Wellness and Recreation because of the amiable environment and the culture of growth and development within the department. In my three years with the department, I have made many friends, matured exponentially, and greatly increased my knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses. The skills I have gained and friends I have made are truly invaluable. Wellness and Rec has truly made my experience in student employment memorable!"

Waleed Ikram, junior, Lead Resident Assistant at Residential Living and Learning

"I love my job as an RA because it is a very dynamic and challenging role. Seeing residents grow and achieve their goals as I provide them with the right environment, resources and guidance have always strengthened my commitment to the RA position. I have enjoyed working with some of the most amazing people at Residential Living & Learning who work hard to provide a unique residential experience for our residents. Being an RA has allowed me to develop some of the most important skills that will help me in my future professional career. The RA role has truly helped me grow as a leader while allowing me to make a greater impact in my community."

Elené Okruashvili, sophomore, Piano Instructor at Community School of Music, Russian Tutor at SPREES, and Resident Assistant at Residential Living and Learning

"During my four years at Stetson, my goal is to be challenged every day. My on-campus job positions have been constantly teaching me new skills. As an RA, I get to improve my communication, crisis management, team working, problem-solving skills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a piano instructor, I share my experience in my field to the youth that might end up going to Stetson in the future. I recently got a tutoring position on campus and I am happy to get a chance to help my peers with Russian. It is a very difficult language and I am excited to share my knowledge on a daily basis. Looking back to my first few weeks of Stetson, I can say that I learned so much from my on-campus jobs. Sometimes it is hard to balance work and being a music performance major, but being able to overcome this challenge is one of the many valuable skills I am gaining here at Stetson University. I would not have it any other way!"

Jennifer Wayne, senior, Advising Student Employee at Academic Student Success

"My on-campus job has helped me contribute to the Stetson Community by making students aware of the various services that Academic Student Success offers. Through marketing tactics as well as informative videos, the Academic Student Success office has increased its presence on campus and assisted students in their registration and advising needs. I am thankful to be a part of an office that strives toward bettering Stetson students."