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Minerals A-Z

Come explore some of the Gillespie Museum's most amazing minerals in this new virtual exhibit, based on our Minerals A-Z wall cabinet.  Featured in our weekly Mineral Monday social media posts, the select specimens in this virtual Minerals A-Z give you an armchair, alphabetized glimpse into the stunning diversity of the museum's 15,000-item collection of geological wonders. Whether whetting your appetite for a future visit, or just meandering in mineralogy, begin your own at-home mining adventure by digging into the images, info sheets (with Spanish translation), and videos below!  (Gillespie Museum specimen photographs by Ed Dillenbeck and Rodney Neff; info sheets and videos created by Stetson student museum staff members, fall 2020 & spring 2021.)   

Adamite example in the nature

Adamite specimen - Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico - Gillespie Collection

Adamite - info sheet

Benitoite example in the nature

Benitoite specimen - San Benito County, California, US - Gillespie Collection

Benitoite - info sheet

Chalcanthite example in the nature

Chalcanthite specimen - Nevada, US - Gillespie Collection

Chalcanthite - info sheet

Dolomite example in the nature

Dolomite specimen - Joplin, Missouri, US - Gillespie Collection

Dolomite - info sheet

Evaporite example in the nature

Evaporite, Halite specimen - USGS

Evaporite - info sheet

Evaporite, Evaporate - video

Fluorite example in the nature

Fluorite specimen - Hardin County Mining District, Illinois, US - Gillespie Collection

Fluorite Octahedral Crystal specimen, in fluorescent light - Gillespie Collection

Fluorite - info sheet

Fluorite, Octahedral Crystals - video

Galena example in the nature

Galena specimen - Tri-State Mining District, Joplin, Missouri, US - Gillespie Collection

Galena - info sheet

Hubnerite example in the nature

Hubnerite on Calcite specimen - Pasto Bueno Mining District, Ancash, Peru - Gillespie Collection

Hubnerite - info sheet

Inderite example in the nature

Inderite specimen - Cumberland, England - Gillespie Collection

Inderite - info sheet


Jadeite specimen - Myanmar - Gillespie Collection

Jadeite - info sheet

Kaolinite example in the nature

Kaolinite specimen - Putnam County, Florida, US - Gillespie Collection

Kaolinite - info sheet

Kaolinite and Kaolin - video

Limonite example in the nature

Limonite, iridescent specimen - Ajo Mining District, Pimo County, Arizona, US - Gillespie Collection

Limonite - info sheet

Malachite example in the nature

Malachite and Azurite Geode specimen - Copper Queen Mine, Bisbee, Arizona, US - Gillespie Collection

Malachite - info sheet

Native Elements, sulfur

Native Elements, Sulfur specimen - Agrigento Province, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy - Gillespie Collection

Native Elements - info sheet

Native Element Minerals - video

Opal smithsonian example in the nature

Opal in matrix, wood specimen - Mexico - Gillespie Collection

Opal specimen - Ethiopia - Smithsonian Institute

Opal - info sheet

Purpurite example in the nature

Purpurite specimen - Larimer County, Colorado, US - Gillespie Collection

Purpurite - info sheet

Quartz example in the nature

Quartz on Pyrite specimen - Peru - Gillespie Collection

Quartz - info sheet

Rhodochrosite example in the nature

Rhodochrosite specimen - Pasto Bueno Mining District, Ancash, Peru - Gillespie Collection

Rhodochrosite - info sheet

Stibnite example in the nature

Stibnite on Calcite specimen - Romania - Gillespie Collection

Stibnite - info sheet

Talc example in the nature

Talc, pearly specimen - Zillertal, Schwaz District, Tyrol, Austria - Gillespie Collection

Talc - info sheet

Ulexite example in the nature

Ulexite specimen - Boron, Kern County, California, US - Gillespie Collection

Ulexite - info sheet


Vanadinite specimen - San Carlos Mining District, Chihuahua, Mexico - Gillespie Collection

Vanadinite - info sheet

Wavellite example in the nature

Wavellite specimen - Magnet Cove, Arkansas, US - Gillespie Collection

Wavellite - info sheet

Quartz and Pyrite usgs

XLS-crystals, Amethyst Vug specimen - Brazil - Gillespie Collection (7 feet tall, 800 pounds!)

XLS-crystals, Quartz and Pyrite specimen - Spruce Claim, Washington, US - USGS

XLS-crystals - info sheet

XLS-crystals, Quartz and Pyrite - video

Meteorite example in the nature

Meteorite specimen - South Africa - Gillespie Collection

Meteorite - info sheet

Zinkenite example in the nature

Zinkenite specimen - San Juan County, Colorado, US - Gillespie Collection

Zinkenite - info sheet

Minerals A-Z Combined Files

We've put all the Minerals A-Z specimen photos and info sheets together in slideshow format for easy viewing and downloading.  Click on the files below to continue learning offline. 

Part 1 - Minerals A-M, photos & info sheets (with Spanish translation) - pdf

Part 2 - Minerals N-Z, photos & info sheets (with Spanish translation) - pdf