The Environmental Fellow Alumni

Brandon Evans profile picture

Brandon Evans

Major: Biology

Minors: Sustainable Food Systems and Environmental Studies

Class of 2023

Brandon has grown up near nature, living very close to the Ocala National Forest. He has been interested in nature his whole life and is attending Stetson to study the ways that humans and nature interact. He believes that the key to a sustainable future is by bringing nature back into everyday life.

As an Environmental Fellow, he hopes to incorporate native and edible plants into the landscaping around campus and later into the landscaping of the surrounding communities. While Brandon’s future plans are still being focused, he would like to live a life close to nature and agriculture. He is willing to put in the effort needed to live sustainably and works to help other people do the same.

Jay Stearman profile picture

Jay Stearman

Major: Environmental Studies

Minors: Sustainable Food Systems and Global Development

Class of 2022

Jay is a Jacksonville native who has watched many natural treasures in the area fall prey to reckless suburban development and irresponsible resource management. He channels his passion into journalism, activism, and volunteering with anything involving environmental education and conservation.

Within the Fellows, he worked to make aquatic recreation opportunities available for the Stetson Community at Lake Beresford, create an augmented reality environmental tour of Stetson's campus, integrate efficient management and communication strategies within and between organizations, and provide continued student input on long-term facilities planning. Jay aspires to work in urban planning and development as he aims to reconnect people with their natural environment through addressing food insecurity and climate adaptation needs.

Natalie Bergeron profile picture

Natalie Bergeron

Major: Environmental Science

Minor: Religious Studies

Class of 2022

Natalie is most recently from the Florida Keys, where she volunteered with the Keys National Wildlife Refuge, as well as worked as an Assistant Field Technician for the Miami Blue Butterfly Project.

Within the Fellows, she focused on initiatives to reduce landfilled waste and engagement with the student government. Natalie is still undecided about her future career aspirations but knows she is passionate about plants and environmental education, and wants to spend as much time as possible working outdoors.

Matinicus Csenger

Majors: Business Economics and Philosophy

Class of 2020

Matinicus is interested in all things outdoors, whether it be hiking, hunting, fishing, or rafting in Alaskan rivers. He is committed to finding economically viable solutions for Stetson's efforts in sustainability.

Matinicus has been heavily involved with The Florida Forest Service and increasing the level of local ecological connection among students on campus. He hopes to work as an environmental advocate for business practices across the country after graduating.

Nathan Bodger

Major: Religious Studies

Minors: Philosophy, Environmental Studies, History and International Studies

Class of 2019

Nathan was the second Environmental Fellow, having joined as a Freshman in 2015. As a dual citizen of the UK and USA, he brought a broad understanding of environmental issues to the fellowship and understands the need for international solutions to environmental problems. Nathan majored in Religious Studies major and is intrigued by the role religion and culture play in people's mindsets and everyday decisions.

Nathan's primary project as a fellow was the institution of the Stetson University Revolving Green Fund (RGF). The RGF is currently financed through a $5 per student per semester portion of tuition which is used solely to construct sustainable development projects on campus. The first project was a 231-panel solar array on the roof of the Carlton Union Building. Nathan is now pursuing a career in International Environmental Law.

Allison Terry

Major: Environmental Studies

Minor: Management, Communication and Media Studies

Class of 2019

Allison Terry is Stetson's third Environmental Fellow. Her passion for the natural world focuses on preserving coasts and mountains as well as the species in them. Her concern for the degradation of clean water and air by pollution inspires her work to educate others and raise awareness about current challenges to the environment. To her it is simple: these environments provide all life on earth with ecosystem services necessary for survival, so we MUST protect them.

Allison refined her skills through a major in environmental studies and a double minor in management and communication to gain a better understanding of how the environment impacts multiple aspects of our lives and how she can convey these ideas to the public. She aspires to work for and manage non-profit environmental organizations focused on sustainability and upholding environmental rights for all.

Sarah Coffey

Majors: Environmental Science and Geography

Class of 2018

As the first Environmental Fellow, Sarah works to mentor the younger fellows to follow their passions and to become better leaders in the Stetson community. She is an environmental science and geography major who is passionate about implementing social and behavioral change using an interdisciplinary approach. Sarah is particularly interested in environmental justice issues as well as the bidirectional relationship between industrialized food systems and climate change.

With the support of her professors, she became a 2016 Udall Scholar for her environmental initiatives and engagement with the Stetson community. She is also a 2017 Campus Compact Civic Newman Fellow due to her social justice activism in the community. In the future, she hopes to help build sustainable communities and include all people, especially the indigenous, as a part of the solution