Campus Climate Report Message

From President Christopher F. Roellke, PhD, Lua Hancock, EdD, vice president of Campus Life and Student Success, and Michèle Alexandre, dean, JD, College of Law. Posted Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020


These are transformative times for our university and the world. In the midst of it, we have been inspired by the myriad of examples of open, engaged, collaborative and inclusive discussions, work and decisions taking place on our campuses among students, faculty and staff. That type of climate is critical to Stetson’s commitment to deep learning and to the stellar education it is known for, and ultimately, for the long-term success of our students and the institution. 

These values are so vital that they have been incorporated into the university’s strategic plans going back a decade and most recently in our Roll Ahead Strategic Map. Nonetheless, any plan is only as good as its sustained action, and we cannot change what we do not measure, so in 2016 the university launched its first Campus Climate Survey. Years of hard work followed, work that cannot be underestimated. Our thanks to the members of the Equity and Inclusion Group in DeLand, the Diversity and Inclusion Group at the College of Law, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion as well as student groups like the Multicultural Student Council and the organizations within it, and the Student Government Association. Additionally, many offices, academic departments and individuals have worked to strive towards more equity in their areas of influence. Your work has kept this effort alive, and you are right to hold us accountable for results.

The results of the 2020 Campus Climate Survey are here. They are a snapshot in time of how our community is experiencing their education and social life, their teaching and research, and their jobs and careers at Stetson. The university has made some positive improvements since the 2016 survey, but there are areas that we must address. We are not immune to the issues of sexism, elitism, racism, ableism and divisive communication that plague our country.

 As a community, we are committed to overcoming these systemic issues and to reflecting the best “us.” We are all too aware of the tragic events in Wisconsin, Minnesota and elsewhere, and the racial injustice in our communities that has sparked unprecedented protests across the nation, and actually, across the globe. Many of us are angry, hurt and confused, but many of us also are motivated to foster real change in ourselves, our communities and our nation-and at Stetson.

Together, through our climate work, we have an opportunity to do just that.

Included below our signatures is a timeline for how we foresee informing the community of the results and offering open forums with the primary researcher, and moving forward.

We won’t summarize the report, nor guide your reading of it. We want you to discover the information it contains, come to your own conclusions and join one of our open forums. This is how we can learn together.

In the coming weeks, we will seek your impressions, input and feedback. We will ask for your guidance, counsel and suggestions on plans to move forward, and we will request your participation and support. Simultaneously, Stetson’s leadership will continue to discuss findings of the report. President Roellke and Cabinet will collaborate to charge relevant members on aspects of these issues.

This is how we can change together. You can see that we have created a timeline that lasts much of the Academic year. That is for two reasons: during the time of COVID many of our community members are especially taxed and need time to do this crucial work well and, both communication and transparency are mentioned in the survey as an area for improvement, so the shared process that we use to come to measurable outcomes is key.

We will host two open webinars with John Pryor, Pryor Education Insights, the research agency that oversaw the survey Thursday, Sept. 17, 4-5:30, for the DeLand community, and Tuesday, Sept. 22, 5-6:30, for the College of Law community. These sessions will also be recorded for those who cannot attend.

You will receive an email invitation to these events next week.

In community,





Thursday, Sept. 17, 4-5:30 p.m. - John Pryor open forum, DeLand

Tuesday, Sept. 22, 5-6:30 p.m. - John Pryor open forum, College of Law

Sept. 1-28 - Information and community feedback, DeLand and College of Law, provide thoughts and suggestions

Week of Sept. 28 – Decision on the subgroups, decisions by Cabinet with feedback from Equity and Inclusion Group, College of Law Diversity & Inclusion, Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence and general community


Oct. 5-16 – Subgroups sign up and recruitment

Oct. 26, 2020-Feb. 26, 2021 – Subgroups work


Monday, Nov. 30 - Status reports due, review of interim reports by the working groups, Equity and Inclusion Group, College of Law Diversity &Inclusion and President’s cabinet


Monday, Dec. 14 – Status report released by Diversity & Inclusion leadership team

MARCH 2021

Monday, Mar. 1, 2021 – Final reports due including goals with measurable outcomes

APRIL 2021

April 2021 - Final report with goals and structure for Diversity and Inclusion work moving forward