Equity and Inclusion Statement

Stetson University Equity and Inclusion Statement as of Spring 2019

We value the members of our community and embrace diversity in all its forms as a great asset. We value individuality, creative thinking, innovative problem-solving, collaboration, and community.

We seek to create a dynamic culture that is a force for change, growth, and equity. To ensure sustained progress towards these principles, we aim to foster an environment that truly celebrates the variety of backgrounds, capabilities, contributions, and perspectives of all members in our community, with a vision emphasizing unified strength through diversity.

Through our work, we continually gain an awareness of and appreciation for our differences and develop our skill in working across cultural lines. Additionally, we must acknowledge that our systems and structures are based on historical inequities and strive to fully understand and address how this impacts individuals.

  • We remain diligent in identifying and removing barriers to one's sense of belonging on our campuses by:
  • Acknowledging that we are stronger because of our differences.
  • Accepting individual responsibility for promoting a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Aspiring to be a diverse community that values inclusive excellence, and demonstrates awareness of how individual actions influence social impact.
  • Acting as a steadfast learning institution that offers continuous opportunities to deepen mutual communication in ways that support inclusivity, equity, and respect.

We recognize that we still have progress to make in becoming truly inclusive and equitable. We unequivocally commit to create a culture where each individual is welcomed and belongs as an essential part of the fabric of the Stetson community.