Campus Climate Survey

In Spring 2020, Stetson University conducted a Campus Climate Survey of students, faculty and staff at its DeLand campus and at the College of Law in Gulfport and Tampa Law Center. The survey was conducted by Pryor Education Insights, a national higher education research firm, and results have been compiled into two reports. Each report is accompanied by a Climate Report Summary. The 2020 survey is a follow up to the original Campus Climate Survey conducted by Stetson in 2016.

Final Working Group Reports Action Plan Timeline

Campus Climate Action Plan

We are proud of the work the Stetson community has undertaken over many years to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We have confirmed what we as a community do well, and through the input and independent work of working groups, departments, committees, and organizations across the university, we identified useful steps for the next stage of DEI work at Stetson.

As a university, we recognize that additional work is needed to systemize equity and justice work into our curriculum and in our policies and practices. We also recognize that people across the university are working tirelessly in various capacities to meaningfully instill inclusive values at Stetson. We remain thankful for everything the Stetson community does for each other and for the university.

This cover memo summarizes the process undergone through our most recent studies and provides a preview of four phases recommended for advancing university-wide efforts. We propose a two-year plan designed to reaffirm the values and recommendations learned from the campus climate process. The plan is divided into four stages: 1) Building a Culture of Respect; 2) Cultivating Strong and Collaborative Relationships; 3) Fostering Opportunity and Sustainability; 4) Planning for our Future. Stetson University will maximize the opportunities presented in this Action Plan to refine its diversity and inclusion goals for the overall Stetson University strategic plan.

A. Summary of the Process

The Stetson Culture Working Group determined that the group would follow a three-step process that would incorporate feedback and edits from everyone in the group. The three-step process was as follows: Step 1.) Identify some of the key concerns about the Current Normative Behaviors within Stetson’s culture based on the 2020 and 2016 Climate Surveys and each working group member’s experiences and insights; Step 2.) Analyze the Values Gap between Stetson’s overall values and the norms identified in Step 1 and determine as a group four primary areas of concern (“gaps”) to focus the working group’s recommendations; and Step 3.) Provide short- and long-term recommendations on ways to help diminish the gap between the norms and values identified in Steps 2 and 3, wherever they may be.

The Inclusion and Transparent Communication Working Group gathered data and discussed solutions through the following methods: Meetings and discussions with individuals and groups, including with colleagues, our individual offices and departments, and groups such as the Faculty Senate; A review of both the 2016 Rankin & Associates Consulting Campus Climate Assessment Project and the 2020 Pryor Educational Consultants Stetson DeLand Campus Climate Survey, identifying areas of concern related directly to communication; A form soliciting feedback from the community; Discussions among working groups and in four subgroups, which were focused on coordination of communication, crisis response, team and colleague communication, social media, and transparency.

The Stetson Relationship with DeLand Working Group engaged in more data gathering from the DeLand and Stetson communities through focus grouping and surveying, and reviewing existing resources, such as the City of DeLand 2050 Report.

B. Description of the Two-Year Plan

Following this extensive process after the 2020 Climate Report, the major principle emanating from the working groups and community work is the need for Stetson University to embark on a process and a campaign that will instill an inclusive culture and presumption of respect in all aspects of the university.

See below for a condensed timeline proposed for the Stetson Campus Climate Action Plan. The full two-year plan is also attached as an exhibit and includes more detail with references to the three working groups’ full reports, which are also attached as exhibits.

Within the Action Plan, there are multiple opportunities for the community provide feedback and ask questions through the channels outlined below. These opportunities include a University-wide webinar, an online form, and office hours with Stetson’s new Executive Officer for Diversity, Collaboration, and Inclusion, Carmen Johnson, who is overseeing the strategic implementation of the action plan.

Webinar Information

Rolks Report Live Webinar: Campus Climate Action Plan 

Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021

President Christopher F. Roellke, PhD, held a community-wide discussion on Tuesday, Sept. 28, advancing diversity and inclusion efforts at Stetson University through the Campus Climate Action Plan. Carmen Johnson, JD, executive officer of Diversity, Collaboration and Inclusion, and co-chairs from Stetson’s three Campus Climate Working Groups joined the president. 


  • Carmen Johnson, JD, Executive Office of Diversity, Collaboration and Inclusion; Co-Chair, Stetson Culture Working Group  
  • Sven Smith, PhD, JD, Associate Professor of Sociology and Co-Chair, Stetson Culture Working Group
  • Bud Hanson, Executive Director of Professional and Corporate Education; Professor of Practice; Co-Chair, Relationship Between DeLand and Stetson University   
  • Lisa Diliberto, Director of Communications and Marketing, College of Law; Co-Chair, Inclusive and Transparent Communication  
  • Michèle Alexandre, Dean of the College of Law; former Co-Chair of the Stetson Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leadership team  

We encourage you to review the working draft of the Campus Climate Action Plan which is now available on the website to begin our community review and feedback process prior to its official launch. 

Office Hours – In Person and Virtual Options

Community members are invited to engage with Carmen Johnson, Stetson’s new Executive Officer for Diversity, Collaboration and Inclusion to discuss the Campus Climate Action Plan and share their continued feedback.

  • DeLand Students: September 29 (1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.) – CUB, Room 202A
  • DeLand Faculty/Staff: September 30 (1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.) – CUB, Room 202A
  • Gulfport Students/Faculty/Staff: October 1 (1:30 - 4:30 p.m.) – DCI Office, E104 (first floor across from the Student Life Center and pool)
  • Virtual Office Hours (Everyone/All Campuses): October 4 (11 a.m. - 1 p.m.) – Register

If you have any questions or comments, please email [email protected]