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Theatre arts is a liberal art that prepares students for life beyond college, whether in graduate study, professional activity or a career path outside the arts. At Stetson University, we approach theatre arts for career training and as an overall rehearsal for life. Through applied study and hands-on experience, students learn about the world around them. This training for the "real world” will prepare you for a variety of careers in our ever-changing world.

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Program Overview

Theatre arts plays a unique role in emphasizing creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and cross-disciplinary approaches. Our focus on the practice strikes a balance between study and application, between academic and professional opportunities and between performance and technology—with all students collaborating on an equal footing, whether as actors, technicians, designers and directors. Your learning experience will be enhanced by one-on-one faculty mentoring as well as the development of relationships with outside arts organizations.

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Theatre Arts Productions

With a major in theatre arts, you will take on a rigorous and rewarding curriculum that produces at least four main stage shows each year. These shows are devoted to training the whole artist, both on and off the stage. 

See our current season at Second Stage Theatre.

Campus-wide Involvement

Participation in our program is open to all Stetson students, and we offer plentiful opportunities to participate on and off the stage. You do not need to have a theatre arts major to participate in our productions.

Currently, the theatre arts program is housed in a performance complex inside DeLand's Museum of Art that includes a 225-seat modified proscenium/studio theater with a scene shop, a design studio/computer lab and a costume shop.

Faculty and Staff

Excellence in teaching and a focus on student development are hallmarks of Stetson University and this program. Highly professional and dedicated to their programs, our faculty members take a personal interest in their students and their progress. They stay in touch with their field through research and performance.



  • Patrick Pieri, BA, Stetson University, Technical Director

Career Significance

There are many career paths you can take after graduating from our program, including

  • Actor/Actress
  • Theatre artist: set designer, lighting designer, sound designer
  • Theatre professional: artistic director, stage manager
  • Entertainment industries
  • Freelance professional

Graduates from the Theatre Arts program have stage and screen credits and experience that include

  • Bubba The Redneck Werewolf, film
  • Magnet Theater
  • NCIS, TV show
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness, film
  • Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots, film
  • Wicked, musical
  • Oregon Shakespeare
  • Orlando Repertory Theatre
  • Arena Stage, Washington, D.C.

Success Stories

Katie Pulling '19, Properties Intern, Yale University - New Haven, CT

“Stetson's theatre program allowed me to explore many aspects of theatre which both allowed me to find my niche and to have an understanding of the work that each person contributes to any give n production. Stetson' program is special because you are encouraged to expand on your knowledge and skills in all areas of theatre, giving me the well-rounded foundation I currently have. Probably the greatest thing I got out of the program was something I learned from scenic painting, which is that even the most detailed and seemingly impossible goals aren't so impossible if you just analyze thee parts and break them down into layers and steps. Thanks to the program I can walk into any room or any job and confidently talk about what I do and why I do it.”

Michael Galvez '16, Marketing and Business Assistance, Theatre Projects Consultants - Norwalk, CT

“The Theatre Arts program gave me immense freedoms in exploring my various interests while guiding me in rooting all of those in my passion for live performance. The support, both financially and instructionally, from the program was more than I could have ever imagined. They encourage my curiosity in all fields, regardless of whether it was just about directing shows or figuring out this new thing in the mid-2010s called “augmented reality” could ever do for us. I was interested in something new every month. Even when they seemed doubtful of its relevance to the art, they pushed me to learn nonetheless. This made me a versatile and competitive professional, being familiar with just a little bit of everything, aiding me from making the jump from working in regional theatres to being in New York City as a member of a renowned global theatre consulting firm two years after graduation. There are bigger and better things on the horizon, and because of Stetson, my dream of running a theatre arts village on Broadway doesn't feel too far off.”

Ellen Smittle '16

During my time at Stetson, my professors gave me a lot of advice about my graduate school options and how I could make my dream a reality. I have learned so much from my experience at Stetson that it's hard to choose one thing. I feel that I have not only grown as a student, but also as a person as a result of my experiences in college. I learned so much about myself during college, just by being involved, meeting new people and trying new things.

I guess that one of the best things that I learned is that no challenge is too great. Your professors and peers all want you to succeed, so they will push you to exceed the expectations that you have for yourself. And while that can be overwhelming and stressful, it is good for you and you will succeed eventually.

Kara Turner '07

Through trial and error, I learned to manage my time and set personal priorities. Theatre arts is demanding on your schedule and as a student, it can be challenging to juggle memorizing lines, working part-time and writing papers for classes outside of your major. Theatre arts students realize that when you are not prepared, you let down your entire cast and crew. Setting personal deadlines and goals helped me stay focused at Stetson, and developed skills that I continue to use today.

Career Outlook

With an emphasis that is both on-stage and backstage, graduates from Stetson's theatre arts program are acclimated to working in a creative, collaborative environment. Students are given an opportunity to work on at least four productions a year and learn that the “show must go on” applies not only to the stage, but life as well. Growth in this sector is higher than the overall labor market, and most positions require a bachelor's degree. About a third of openings are available to candidates with 0-2 years of experience, so internships and practical opportunities are important to starting a career path.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies 2019.

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