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Studio artists and art historians alike are known to be passionate people with a flair for creativity. Whether your goal is to develop your own artistic skills or engage with the works of others, these programs will challenge you to see things differently. A rich and varied program of distinction, Stetson's art program offers two tracks of academic focus: studio art and art history. You will be exposed to topics beyond your major in both tracks. You will also have 24/7 access to the studios on campus to have a plentiful amount of time to create and develop your technique.

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Program Overview

Art History

Art historians are passionate about art. Our art history program allows you to immerse yourself in a wide variety of forms from across the ages and around the world. You will find yourself diving into art from an array of periods, including German Expressionism and Russian Avant Garde, as well as styles like transgressive art and graphic novels. Students also have the chance to learn about the legal issues surrounding art and the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with museum operations as well as collection management practices.

Studio Art

The Studio Art Program at Stetson University gives you the opportunity to develop your artistic skills with the benefits of a liberal arts education. As a student in studio art, you get personalized attention, professional critiques and guidance from faculty who are professional artists themselves with a range of talents and professional experience. Our faculty chooses to practice their craft at Stetson because they value working one-on-one with undergraduate students who share their passion for art. You will have the opportunity to develop personal styles and direction on a strong foundation in technique, design principles, historical tradition and contemporary artistic theories. The Studio Art Program has particular strengths in painting, drawing, mixed media, ceramics and sculpture.

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Homer and Dolly Hand Art Center

One of the gems of Stetson University is the Homer and Dolly Hand Art Center, home to Stetson's significant collection of works by post-modernist Oscar Bluemner. In addition to two significant Bluemner shows every academic year, the Hand Art Center presents exhibits ranging from installation work to folk art to contemporary art, as well as exhibits by our faculty and students. The Hand Art Center provides unique opportunities for our students to engage in the operations and exhibitions of a fully-functioning art gallery.


Members of our faculty bring both strong academic training and professional artists and art historical experience to art students at Stetson. Faculty include

  • Gary Bolding, MFA, Brooklyn College
  • Luca Molnar, MFA, New York University
  • Kathryn Baczeski, MFA, Indiana University

Career Significance

With a degree in either studio art or art history, you will have plenty of opportunities at building a career as a

  • graphic designer
  • professional artist
  • concept artist
  • museum professional (registrar, director, curator)
  • art historian
  • teacher or professor

Some of our alumni have successful jobs at various companies, organizations and universities, including


Success Stories

Erin McCollum '16, designer and concept illustrator for Universal Studios

The hours we kept allowed us to bond in ways that I have never bonded with any other group of individuals. The studio was, in a way, our clubhouse: a place to share stories of our experiences, our food and our hearts. We laughed together, we cried together and, most importantly of all, we created together.

Drew Graham

When I took my first art course at Stetson I had no plans to become an artist, I wasn't even an art major, but ... I decided to follow my passion and pursue art. I had no idea where my career would take me after graduating, and I certainly didn't expect to be in DC as long as I have, but the connections I've gained and the experiences I have been able to obtain by being in one of the best galleries in the district has been very exciting.

Nayda Aurora Cuevas

Painting the figure became a means to understand people and create connections in my community, while exploring a visual language to better articulate my observations and interpretations of my Latino identity.

Career Outlook

A degree in art offers many opportunities for careers in the creative sector, from the purely visual to tactile and sound. From art to graphic design, product design, audio design, web applications and video, there are multiple paths and industries seeking those special individuals who help breathe life into raw ideas and themes. Salary levels can be strong in some specific outcomes, and nearly two-thirds of job posting will want a bachelor's degree.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies 2019.

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