Julia Schmitt

Julia Schmitt

Professor of Theatre Arts and Chair of the Creative Arts Department

Dr. Schmitt is a theatre arts professor here at Stetson University and directs two stage productions each year.

  • PhD, theatre arts, Bowling Green State University
  • MA, theatre arts, Bowling Green State University
  • BA, theatre arts, Stetson University


Course Sampling

  • Introduction to Theatre
  • Theatre History: Foundations
  • History of Non-Western Theatre
  • History of Musical Theatre
  • Dramatic Theory
  • Costume and Make-Up
  • First Year Seminar: Turning Points in Drama
  • First Year Seminar: Musical Theatre and the Construction of American Identity
  • Junior Seminar: The Comedienne - A Study of Female Comics of the 20th Century

Areas of Expertise

  • Theatre history
  • Theatre theory
  • Dramatic literature


After receiving her masters and PhD in theatre from Bowling Green State University, Julia Schmitt worked as an assistant professor of theatre at Lon Morris College, a liberal arts college in Texas. In 2004, she accepted a position to teach theatre and direct theatre productions at Stetson University, and in 2010 she was promoted to associate professor. She currently serves as chair of the Department of Communication Studies and Theatre Arts and directs two stage productions each year. Her primary area of expertise fall within the realms of theatre history, theatre theory and dramatic literature.


  • Feminist studies
  • Renaissance and Jacobean dramatic literature
  • Theatre pedagogy


  • Shakespeare's Late Style by Russ McDonald
  • The Staging of Romance in Late Shakespeare: Text and Theatrical Technique by Christopher J. Cobb. Theatre Journal (Volume 61.1: 2009)
  • Shakespeare Re-Dressed: Cross-Gender Casting in Contemporary Performance edited by James C. Bulman. Texas Theatre Journal (Volume 6.1: 2010).
  • The Case for Shakespeare: The End of the Authorship Question by Scott McCrea. Theatre History Studies (Volume 26: 2006).
  • Gender, Theatre, and the Origins of Criticism from Dryden to Manley by Marcie Frank. Theatre Survey (Volume 45.2: 2004)