About Us

The Centurion Sales Program began as a vision. In just nine short months, that vision was transformed into a dynamic program, including a major and minor in professional sales with over 100 students enrolled in its courses. With newly-constructed, state-of-of the-art sales training facilities and a faculty with a myriad of professional and educational experience, this is just the beginning.

A Student's Perspective on Centurion Sales

"The Centurion Sales program really helped shape who I am as a professional. The lessons learned, both academic and real-world, put me ahead of the curve and gave me an advantage over others vying for similar positions. I am able to hold genuine and confident conversations with top-level executives, identify the needs of our partners, and position solutions that are beneficial to everyone. Even if you are not interested in sales, the skills learned in the program are applicable to all areas of life. 

- Cedric Burkhardt, Class of 2020

About the Founder

The program was made possible by a donation from Stetson alumnus, Leopoldo Fernandez, in honor of his father, Genaro Fernandez Centurion. Leo Fernandez graduated in 1973 from the Stetson University School of Business Administration. He is the only entrepreneur in the Spanish market to lead two companies, Jazztel and Tele-Pizza, from start-up, or from near bankruptcy, into the IBEX 35.

“Any living entity needs to grow to survive, and business is no exception. What is most important to growing a business is growth in sales - it is the fuel to driving business forward.”
- Leopoldo Fernandez