Student Research

Stetson Showcase

A festival of intellectual inquiry held across the campus each April, this event highlights students' research and creative activity in disciplines across the university. In recent years, an increasing number of Communication and Media Studies majors have presented their research at Stetson Showcase.

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Communication student presentations over the years

Maris Prize Winners

  • Meghan Landsberg, 2022: The Ones We Lose to Lies: The Role of QAnon in the Destruction of Personal Relationships 
  • Natalia Mojica-Arango, 2017: "Hollywood Goes to War: A Rhetorical Criticism of Disney Propaganda During WWII"
  • Catherine Grace Aguda (with Peter Junior Nyong'o), 2017: "Who Killed Desdemona?"
  • Taylor Duguay, 2015: "The Integration of Stetson Athletics"
  • Taylor Smith, 2011: "Hyper Pluralism in the Media: A Rhetorical Analysis"


SURE Grants

Each summer, a select group of undergraduates undertake in-depth research projects of their own choosing under the mentorship of a faculty member. These research projects often provide a foundation for the students' senior research and help to build students' qualifications for graduate study.

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Amanda Rogers, Summer 2017: “Trail Magic on the A.T.”

Kai Eckenrode, Summer 2012: “Sustainability, Resilience, and the Future of Environmental Rhetoric.”

Michael Paul Cartledge, Summer 2012: “Communicating About Community at Hipster Church.”

Sarah Holland, Summer 2009: “Chasing Perfection: American Ideals of Beauty as Communicated in Young Women's Magazines.”

Laura Loveday, Summer 2009: “The Rhetoric of the Beecher Family as Exigence Towards the Women's Suffrage Movement in the 19th Century.”

Isa Adney, Summer 2008: “Wearing the Scarlet Letter on the Red Carpet: The Influence of Media Portrayals of Celebrity Women on American Standards for Womanhood.”

Heather Martyn, Summer 2007: "'Not in Our Town:' Public Controversies Over the Presence of Wal-Mart in Florida Communities."


Conference Presentations and Publications

Students have also had their works presented at conferences and selected for publication. Such conferences include the DePauw National Undergraduate Honors Conference for Communication and Theatre, the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference, and the National Communication Association Annual Convention

Student presentations and publications