Off-Campus Housing

This page provides some considerations and possible ideas for off-campus living arrangements for students who are permitted to live off campus. Both Stetson University and Residential Living and Learning do not specifically endorse/recommend these options, but merely want to give students who might not be from the area a starting point in their independent off-campus housing search.

If you haven't lived off-campus before, there are a few things for you to consider when finding off campus housing, including:

  • The length of the legally binding lease agreement
  • How your financial aid may be impacted by living off campus
  • The distance to campus/community resources
  • Your safety

Area Housing

Below is a list of local complexes and/or management companies that normally have units available:

Athens Commons

  • 0.1 miles from campus
  • Address: 1003 E. Ohio Ave, DeLand

DeLand Commons

  • 0.1 miles from campus
  • Address: 129 E Voorhis Avenue, Deland

Madison at Carrington Place

  • 2.4 miles from campus
  • Address: 129 East Villa Capri Circle, DeLand

Amelia Place Apartments

  • 1.7 miles from campus
  • Address: 301 Arrow Wood Trail #A, DeLand

Lyn Village Apartments

  • 0.9 miles from campus
  • Address: 201 South Amelia Avenue #B3, DeLand

Spring Garden Apartments

  • 1.4 miles from campus
  • Address: 1178 West Minnesota Avenue, DeLand

Other Resources