Peer Institutions

Stetson University regularly conducts peer benchmarking analyses for a variety of purposes and uses an organizational peer list for reference. This list is maintained by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness and developed through an interactive process of robust and thoughtful quantitative and qualitative analysis involving input from representative bodies across the university. The organizational peer list serves as the default group for institutionally based benchmarking, providing a high-quality overall comparison for our complex and multifaceted organization. For certain specific inquiries, including various programmatic accreditation activities, areas of the university may use a comparator list derived from a more narrowly focused frame of reference.

The Stetson University Board of Trustees approved the current organizational peer list in February 2023. The organizational peer list is reviewed decennially in alignment with the university's institutional accreditation reaffirmation cycle.

Current IPEDS Organizational Peer Data Feedback Report

Historical Record of Previous Organizational Peers