people going around trying different dishes

2nd Annual 9x13 Competition

Our second annual 9x13 competition was incredible!  Thank you to all of our participants for bringing your favorite dishes to share with the Stetson community.

A special thank you to our four judges:

  • Hari Pulapaka
  • Lynn Bria
  • Dee Carpenter
  • Jeanne Peterson

IRE Competition Judges

Also, thank you to Jana Cotta for providing some wonderful piano music throughout the event.

Entries, Results and Video 


Best Side/Starter: Crystal Baroni - Layered Greek Dip

Crystal Baroni receiving the prize for Best Side/Starter

Best Main: Laura Loht - Nacho Bake

Laura Loht receiving the prize for Best Main

Best Dessert: Colleen Vanderlip - Kentucky Butter Cream Poke Cake

(award accepted by Jamie Vanderlip)

Jamie Vanderlip receiving the price for Best Dessert


Fan Favorite: Chela Dufour - Lasagna

Chela Dufour receiving the prize for Fan Favorite


A look back at the 2022 competition