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Placement Testing

Stetson University is known for providing a rigorous academic experience. To that end, course placement procedures are outlined for several subjects to ensure that students are placed in the most appropriate courses. Brief descriptions of the placement procedures are outlined below; please see the program websites for further information.

All students at Stetson University must satisfy the Writing Requirement, which consists of four (4) approved courses, at least two of which must be from General Education.

Courses eligible to meet the Writing Requirement include:

  • WE designated courses
  • FSEMs
  • JSEMs
  • Writing Courses*

Students who expect to receive transfer, dual enrollment, AP, IB or AICE credit for writing courses may transfer up to two (2) writing courses. The remaining courses must be completed at Stetson.

Note: For questions and inquiries related to ENGL 100, Directed Self Placement tool, or course access please contact Leigh Ann Dunning, Director of the Writing Center at [email protected] or David Johnson, English Professor at [email protected]. ENGL 100 will count as one of the four Writing Enhanced (WE) required courses only if the grade earned is a C or above.

*Courses whose focus is on the theory and practice of writing.

All students must earn one unit in quantitative reasoning. Many courses in the Mathematics Department satisfy this requirement, as do select courses in other departments. Students should choose a course appropriate to their desired major and career plans. Those required to complete an introductory calculus course at Stetson must successfully pass a math placement test. These include MATH 122Q*, MATH 130+, MATH 141Q, and MATH 151. While we do not encourage students to study in order to pass the test, they are welcome to review information related to pre-calculus, trigonometry, and Algebra II to feel better prepared. Students seeking certification for teaching should consult with an advisor in Teacher Education to be certain of the latest state-mandated requirements in mathematics.

Students with credit for a Stetson equivalent introductory calculus course, and those with AICE/AP/IB calculus credit, are exempt from taking the placement test. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Completing the Math Placement Test:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer
  • Access the math placement test website
  • Click “Create Account”, enter your Stetson ID and email
  • Select the “Algorithmic Calculus Readiness” version of the test
  • Students requiring accommodations must contact the Accessibility Services Center for approval to take the “XT” version of the test (email [email protected])
  • There is a 30-minute time limit. You CANNOT pause the test by clicking “Quit and Save”. You may not be able to go back to skipped questions.
  • Press the “Grade” button when you are finished with the test


MATH 122Q – 11 or higher

MATH 130 – 11 or higher

MATH 141Q – 15 or higher

MATH 151 - 11 or higher

Students who do not earn a score sufficient for placement into a calculus course have the option to retake the test for a maximum of two attempts. Remediation is required after two attempts. Students have the option to enroll in an online zero-credit course through the Office of the Registrar. Students may retake the placement test after making sufficient progress in the online course. For more information, please contact Susan Smith ([email protected]).

The Modern Language Department is prepared to evaluate proficiency for French, German, Russian, and Spanish for placement purposes. For other languages, the means for demonstrating proficiency must be arranged by the student and approved by the Department.

All students who have had two or more years of a modern language in high school and wish to study that language at Stetson must take a placement exam. If they have taken four years of that language in high school, they will be placed in a 102 level or above, depending on placement test results. Students with fewer than four years of high school modern language will be placed into an appropriate level of that language based on individual case evaluations of their placement scores and years of previous exposure.

For additional details on placement and credit, contact the Chair of the Modern Languages and Literatures Department in Sampson Hall or visit our Placement Exam page.