Advice for Students on Academic Suspension

Unfortunately, some students are not as successful at Stetson as they hoped to be. This can be due to a number of factors such as personal difficulties, family concerns and finances, to name a few. Academic Suspension is designed to indicate in strong terms that a student is not making adequate progress toward an undergraduate degree. This period away from study at Stetson will provide time for the student to reassess their approach to academics as well as their purpose in seeking a degree. While this process can no doubt be difficult, it is intended to allow students to re-evaluate their current course and come back stronger after taking time away to refocus.

What Are My Options Now?


First, you have the opportunity to appeal your suspension. Should you choose to appeal this decision, you must submit an online Undergraduate Appeal of Suspension/Dismissal Form. The form is also available from the Forms drop-down menu of the One Stop tab on My.Stetson. We suggest that you take time to construct a thoughtful and compelling appeal as to why your circumstances constitute an exception to an established policy. We encourage students to review LiveCareer's How to Write an Appeal to assist with how to write an effective appeal.

On the appeal form, you will be able to attach supporting documentation and you will be asked to respond to the following:

  • What unique or exceptional circumstances led to your suspension or dismissal?
  • What actions did you take during the semester that you just completed to improve your academic performance and why do you believe those actions were insufficient to prevent your suspension/dismissal?
  • What is your specific action plan to return to good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.00 or above) should your appeal be approved?
  • Please provide any relevant, additional information not already entered above regarding why your appeal should be approved.

The Academic Appeals Committee will review the written appeals at the end of each fall and spring term. The date of the review and the appeal due date for the current semester will be at the bottom of your Academic Standing email and letter you will have received. 

If the appeal is granted, your status will be reinstated as an active student on Academic Warning.

If the appeal is denied, you will be removed from your current courses for the subsequent semester and the suspension will stand through the next full-term.

Suspensions at the end of fall will last through spring, with students being able to return in summer.

Suspensions at the end of spring will last through summer and fall with students being able to return the next Spring.

For questions regarding the appeal process, contact Student Success at 386-822-7127 where a professional staff member can assist in the process.

Financial Aid

For questions regarding:

  • Scholarship eligibility following academic suspension
  • Transferring financial aid to another institution
  • Financial aid appeal

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 386-822-7120 or [email protected].

What Should I Do While On Suspension?

How you spend your time away from Stetson is entirely up to you. Students who have developed successful plans to prepare themselves for return have emphasized work, service and development of the fundamental skills required for college success, including time management, writing and study skills.

Below are suggestions to help guide your decisions on how to capitalize on this time.

Take Time Away From Academics

If you were challenged during the semester to balance school and personal or family concerns, which ultimately hurt you academically, you can utilize this time to fully attend to these concerns. If these issues have resolved this could also be a time to heal or recover from these concerns so that you can return fully focused on academics.

Work or Volunteer

Many students who have returned from suspension and have ultimately gone on to be successful have taken their time away to work or get involved in service. This can be beneficial in a number of ways. Not only does option allow you to gain experience and perspective, but it also allows you to save some money for future studies. This may be particularly helpful if you are working your way through school. Taking time away to work could allow for a reduced work schedule when you return that could allow more time for academics.

Take Courses at Another Institution

Under Stetson Academic Policy, courses taken at another institution while a student is on Academic Suspension will not be accepted for credit towards a degree at Stetson (Stetson University Catalog Academic Standing Policy). However, taking courses at another institution such as a community college or another post-secondary institution may be beneficial to help develop skills to be successful upon return, such as time management, writing and study skills. Explore the institutions listed below to find courses such as College Success or Career Exploration. 

Below are some suggestions in the Central Florida area where students can take a course or two focused on building college skills. If you live in other areas of Florida or out of state, similar options are likely available at nearby institutions.

Campuses: East Campus (Near UCF), Lake Nona, Osceola, Poinciana, West Campus (Near Universal Studios), Winter Park, Online

Student Life Skills Course Descriptions

Campuses: Sanford/Lake Mary, Oviedo, Heathrow, Altamonte Springs, Online

Student Life Skills Course Descriptions

Campuses: Daytona Beach, DeLand, Deltona, New Smyrna Beach-Edgewater, Flagler/Palm Coast

Student Life Skills Course Descriptions

How Do I Return When My Suspension Term Has Ended?

You may apply for readmission by submitting an online re-entry application through the Office of Admissions. You will want to do this at least three weeks prior to the start of the upcoming semester. This will ensure you have enough time to meet with your assigned faculty advisor and register for classes. You will need to be prepared to address what has changed that will allow you more academic success if you are allowed to return to your studies at Stetson. It will be important for you to work with Academic Success to set up a plan to maximize your capability to progress toward a Stetson degree.

Be sure to check the Academic Calendar so that you can apply for readmission prior to registration opening for the semester you plan to return.