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List of Writing Intensive Courses

Stetson University offers writing-intensive courses for every year of a student's education to reinforce our ongoing commitment to excellence in writing and thinking for Stetson University graduates. Writing intensive courses are taught with the expectation that students learn as a result of writing, not only that they write as a result of their learning. Students looking to improve their skills at written communication--skills that employers value in their employees--should investigate the opportunities for taking writing-intensive courses.

Many writing-intensive courses can be used to fulfill the writing requirement. Some exceptions exist: first year and junior seminars cannot be used to fulfill the Writing requirement, and some upper-level writing-intensive courses are available only for students majoring or minoring in those programs. Once a writing-intensive designation has been established, it is the responsibility of individual departments to make decisions about which students can enroll; the Writing Program does not control these decisions.

Africana Studies

  • AFST 100S Intro to Africana Studies
  • AFST 102H Hip Hop, Rap, Sex, and Film
  • AFST 235H Intro to African American Film

American Studies

  • AMST 301H American Cultural Traditions

Art History

  • ARTH 211A Approaches to the Arts


  • BIOL 497 Research Proposal

Business Administration

  • BADM 205 Professional Communications


  • COMM 311 Classical Rhetoric
  • COMM 314B Rhetoric, Culture, and Identity
  • COMM 411 Philosophy of Communication

Creative Writing

  • ENCW 215A: Multi Genre Creative Writing
  • ENCW 312: Introductory Fiction
  • ENCW 314A: Dramatic Writing
  • ENCW 313: Poetry Workshop
  • ENCW 320: Writers Read


  • ENGL 132B Shakespeare's Great Characters and Their Worlds
  • ENGL 207 Nature Writing
  • ENGL 208 Personal Essay
  • ENGL 220 Understanding Composition & Rhetoric
  • ENGL 235A Intro to Film
  • ENGL 240A Reading Nonfiction
  • ENGL 241A Reading Narrative
  • ENGL 242A Reading Lyric
  • ENGL 243A Understanding Drama
  • ENGL 324 Peer Tutoring in Writing
  • ENGL 325 Grammar & Rhetoric


  • HIST 101 Western Civilization
  • HIST 103H Modern Western Civilization
  • HIST 104H Early World Civilizations
  • HIST 105H Modern World Civilization
  • HIST 152H American History II
  • HIST 210H Ancient Near East
  • HIST 211 History of Ancient Greece
  • HIST 212H History of Ancient Rome
  • HIST 240 History of Russia
  • HIST 241 Soviet Century
  • HIST 254H History of Baseball
  • HIST 270H History of Modern China
  • HIST 271H History of Modern Japan
  • HIST 313 Fall of the Roman Empire
  • HIST 315H Celtic Civilization
  • HIST 323S The French Revolution, 1770-1815: The Enlightenment, Terror, and Napoleon
  • HIST 329H Nazi Germany: History, Politics, and Culture
  • HIST 250D Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity
  • HIST 320 King Arthur
  • HIST 330H World War II: A Global History
  • HIST 331S The Holocaust
  • HIST 354B Southern History and Culture in the United States, 1800-present
  • HIST 356 H/W History of American Health Care
  • HIST 359H From Progressivism Through Depression: The United States, 1880-1940
  • HIST/AMST 361 B/H The 1950s and 1960s: The First Years of Our Own Time
  • HIST 362H/AMST 320H American Women's History


  • HUM 200A Intro to Humanities

Integrative Health Science

  • IHSC 497 Senior Research proposal


  • JOUR 100 Intro to Journalism


  • MUSC 392 Song Literature
  • MUSC 197A History of Popular Music
  • MUSC 397 Opera Literature
  • MUSC *** Piano Literature


  • PHIL 399 Junior Project Proposal


  • PSYC 203 Great Experiments

Russian Studies

  • RUST 320A Russian Film through Culture


  • SOCI 497 Methods and Styles of Social Science Communication
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