List of Writing Intensive and Writing Enhanced Courses

Stetson University offers writing enhanced and writing intensive courses to teach and reinforce the principles of excellence in writing and thinking. These courses are taught with the expectation that students learn as a result of writing, not only that they write as a result of their learning. 

Contact individual departments about potential restrictions on enrollment in WI or WE courses; for example, PSYC 203 is open to all students only after all majors and minors who need that course have enrolled in it. Upper division WE courses such as BIOL 497 are open only to majors.

Africana Studies

  • AFST 100S Intro to Africana Studies
  • AFST 102H Hip Hop, Rap, Sex, and Film
  • AFST 235H Intro to African American Film

American Studies

  • AMST 301H American Cultural Traditions
  • AMST 320H American Women's History
  • AMST 351B The Art of Public Explanation
  • AMST 361 B/H The 1950s and 1960s: The First Years of Our Own Time


  • BIOL 497 Research Proposal

Business Administration

  • BADM 205 Professional Communications


  • COMM 311 Classical Rhetoric
  • COMM 314B Rhetoric, Culture, and Identity
  • COMM 411 Philosophy of Communication

Creative Writing

  • ENCW 111A: Introduction to Writing Literary Non-Fiction
  • ENCW 112A: Introduction to Writing Fiction
  • ENCW 113A: Introduction to Writing Poetry
  • ENCW 114A: Introduction to Dramatic Writing
  • ENCW 120A; Special Topics in Creative Writing
  • ENCW 215A: Multi Genre Creative Writing
  • ENCW 312: Introductory Fiction
  • ENCW 314A: Dramatic Writing
  • ENCW 313: Poetry Workshop
  • ENCW 320: Writers Read
  • ENCW 411: Advanced Nonfiction Workshop
  • ENCW 412: Advanced Fiction Workshop
  • ENCW 413: Advanced Poetry Workshop
  • ENCW 414: Advanced Drama Workshop


  • ECON 498 Senior Research Proposal


  • ENGL 132B Shakespeare's Great Characters and Their Worlds
  • ENGL 142 Writing About...
  • ENGL 143 Literature in the World
  • ENGL 207 Nature Writing
  • ENGL 208 Personal Essay
  • ENGL 209 Writing for Your Life
  • ENGL 220 Understanding Composition & Rhetoric
  • ENGL 235A Intro to Film
  • ENGL 240A Reading Nonfiction
  • ENGL 241A Reading Narrative
  • ENGL 242A Reading Lyric
  • ENGL 243A Understanding Drama
  • ENGL 324 Peer Tutoring in Writing
  • ENGL 325 Grammar & Rhetoric


  • GERM 304B Modern German Culture


  • HIST 101 Western Civilization
  • HIST 103H Modern Western Civilization
  • HIST 104H Early World Civilizations
  • HIST 105H Modern World Civilization
  • HIST 152H American History II
  • HIST 210H Ancient Near East
  • HIST 211 History of Ancient Greece
  • HIST 212H History of Ancient Rome
  • HIST 240 History of Russia
  • HIST 241 Soviet Century
  • HIST 250D Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity
  • HIST 254H History of Baseball
  • HIST 270H History of Modern China
  • HIST 271H History of Modern Japan
  • HIST 313 Fall of the Roman Empire
  • HIST 315H Celtic Civilization
  • HIST 320 King Arthur
  • HIST 323S The French Revolution, 1770-1815: The Enlightenment, Terror, and Napoleon
  • HIST 329H Nazi Germany: History, Politics, and Culture
  • HIST 330H World War II: A Global History
  • HIST 331S The Holocaust
  • HIST 351B The Art of Public Explanation
  • HIST 354B Southern History and Culture in the United States, 1800-present
  • HIST 356 H/W History of American Health Care
  • HIST 359H From Progressivism Through Depression: The United States, 1880-1940
  • HIST 361 B/H The 1950s and 1960s: The First Years of Our Own Time
  • HIST 362H American Women's History
  • HIST 383H History of Capitalism

Environmental Science & Studies

  • GESS 498 Senior Research Proposal

Integrative Health Science

  • IHSC 497 Senior Research proposal


  • JOUR 100 Intro to Journalism


  • MUSC 392 Song Literature
  • MUSC 197A History of Popular Music
  • MUSC 397 Opera Literature
  • MUSC *** Piano Literature


  • PHIL 399 Junior Project Proposal


  • PSYC 203 Great Experiments

Russian Studies

  • RUST 320A Russian Film through Culture


  • SOCI 497 Methods and Styles of Social Science Communication