Student Employment Programs

The Student Employment Program at Stetson University provides diverse opportunities for students to work on campus in a variety of departments. The Office of Student Financial Planning is responsible for the oversight of these programs and we have compiled helpful resources for students, faculty and staff here.

At Stetson University, we are proud to offer on-campus employment as an opportunity to gain professional experience in balance with academic responsibilities. New initiatives within the on-campus student employment program are bringing focus to the development of transferable skills sought by employers in the professional world. In short, we believe that on-campus employment is one of many opportunities that Stetson University offers students to build significance in their lives.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about on-campus employment.

Getting Hired

Locate Information and resources for your on-campus job search.

Policies and Procedures

Each student and department supervisor is responsible for educating themselves on the policies and procedures that govern the student employment program at Stetson University.

Learning Outcomes Initiative

The Learning outcomes Initiative is intended to reinforce the value of on-campus employment as a resource to develop transferrable skills and train for professional employment.

Forms and Materials

Forms and materials that are commonly needed by department supervisors and student employees.