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About the School of Music

The Stetson University School of Music is a vibrant community of approximately 200 exclusively undergraduate musicians and 47 faculty. Established in 1936, the School of Music was Florida's first collegiate music school. Today, it offers professional training in the form of 13 individual degree options in three areas - music academics (for those students seeking to teach music), music performance (for those students who wish to perform) and music technology (for those students whose creativity blends music and technology). The School of Music's curriculum is complemented by the university's acclaimed liberal arts curriculum.

Education at the School of Music mainly takes place at Stetson University's DeLand campus, but students have ample opportunity through extra-curricular and study-abroad activities to extend their education to the greater Orlando area, the greater United States and the world beyond.

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About Stetson University

Founded in 1883, Stetson University is a nationally recognized private university located in central Florida with nearly 4,000 students participating in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. Stetson University is made up of four colleges and schools and offers several multidisciplinary programs in the arts and sciences, business, law and music.

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