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Student Research and Other Opportunities

Student Research 2

Senior Research Project

All psychology majors complete a senior research project in which they design their own psychological experiment, test participants, analyze the data, prepare a scientific paper, and make an oral presentation of the results. Many of our majors present their research at professional conferences or publish it in psychology journals. For example, each year we take a group of students to the Southeastern Psychological Association conference where they present posters--and often win awards--in the undergraduate research forum.

SURE Grants

Students also have the opportunity to apply for a Stetson Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) grant. The SURE grant provides funding for equipment, room and board, travel and other expenses for students to work with a faculty mentor on a summer research project proposed by the student. Jozefina Logu, Jennifer Mondelli, Steven Pilato, and Matthew Vanaman are recent SURE grant recipients from the Psychology Department.


Stetson students are encouraged to explore a variety of volunteer service opportunities through the Office of Career and Professional Development. Advanced psychology majors have the opportunity to include a supervised internship as one of their courses. The internship experience can provide a significant step forward toward graduate work or direct entry into the job market.

Our students have interned with Stewart-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare, the Central Florida Zoo, the DeLand Police Department, the Florida Autism Center, and many other facilities. Please contact Dr. Chris Ferguson for more information.

Teaching and Research Apprenticeships

Teaching apprentices assist in an undergraduate course under the supervision of a faculty member. They may tutor students, lead discussion groups, hold review sessions for exams, and present short lessons in class. Research apprentices become part of a professor’s lab and may be involved in all aspects of research from reviewing the literature to writing up the results for publication. Both teaching and research apprenticeship programs offer course credit.