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Stetson University Psychology Department: About Us

Who We Are — Current Students Perspectives

media/Jung.png"During my time at Stetson University, the Psychology Department has fueled my passion and love for psychology immensely. Some might see a small college as a downside, but I see a tighter bond between students and professors which is exactly what I have been experiencing ever since I enrolled. Each professor is very passionate about their role as an educator and about their field in psychology. I always find myself sitting down and talking to different professors between my classes which is my favorite activity to do. The conversation includes everything from small things, like how my classes are going, to deeper things, such as graduate schools or discussion on recent psychology articles. I have been honored and privileged with such great mentorships and experience as a research assistant working with them. I am excited to continue through my journey of learning and exploring as a part of the Psychology Department as I take one step closer to my goal." - Jung Soo Kim, Senior


“Before arriving at Stetson, I expected to grow and gain knowledge in psychology, but I never imagined that I would form such close relationships with the faculty and gain such incredible mentors in the Psychology Department. Three words that best describe the characteristics of the professors in this department are genuine, caring, and brilliant. The small, inclusive class sizes at Stetson allow for more in-depth, personal interactions with professors and the opportunity to learn and understand one another not just as students and faculty members, but as people in society as well. The professors are true experts in their respective fields and their dedication and passion motivate and empower me to find my own interests in the field of psychology. I also have the great opportunity of serving as the President of our Psi Chi Honor Society chapter this year, which has allowed me to grow in my interests of mental health advocacy and leadership. I am able to work alongside an amazing group of students and Dr. King, our advisor, to spread mental health awareness and education to our colleagues on campus.”

media/Sara Gerken.jpg- Sara Gerken, Senior


Our Faculty

To see our faculty members' academic degrees and professional accomplishments, choose a name below to visit the faculty profile page. But to see random facts about who they are as people and to find out about their research interests, keep reading...

  • Robert Askew is an amateur art critic and hound aficionado who often brings his best friends--Fern and Ivy--to school with him. His research is concerned with pain and health.
  • Michele Camden is a self-proclaimed theater nerd who dabbles in stage acting and scriptwriting. One of her current interests is animal-assisted therapy.
  • Laura Crysel is a certified Potterhead (for the uninitiated, that's an extreme Harry Potter fan) who studies pop culture and the dark side of human behavior.
  • Michael Eskenazi's top bucket-list item is to visit all 59 national parks in the country. He uses eye-tracking to examine word learning and reading.
  • Kyle Dickey is currently undergoing a crash course in developmental psychology with his newborn daughter Claire. His research focuses on counterfactual thinking - the "if only..." and "what if..." thoughts that we often have."
  • Chris Ferguson plays guitar and sings in a local band called Gods of Avalon, knows how to swordfight, and eats just about anything (jellyfish, python, etc.) except vegetables. His research focuses on whether playing violent video games makes people more aggressive.
  • Sarah Garcia enjoys traveling to places of historical art & culture. Her research focuses on cognitive deficits and treatment in medical populations.
  • Camille King has completed two Tough Mudder races and has promised herself to do at least one every five years until she's not able to anymore. She studies the neural basis of taste functions in rats. 
  • Danielle Lindner was planning to become a high school music teacher before she decided to pursue a career in psychology, and she still spends much of her free time singing as both a cantor and choir member at her church. Her research focuses on body dissatisfaction and eating disorders.
  • Rick Medlin grew up on the Stetson campus (his childhood home was where the Lynn Business Center is now) and has taught in the Psychology Department since 1981. He studies the development of homeschooled children. 
  • Lisa Robison is a behavioral neuroscientist whose primary interests lie in determining how engaging in healthy behaviors can promote brain health and reduce the risk of diseases with a neurobiological basis, including neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases.

Adjunct Faculty

Our adjunct faculty bring real-world experience from clinical practice and scientific research into the classroom. Select a name to send an email.

Emeriti Faculty