Department of History

Students of history at Stetson University learn how to reconstruct the past in order to better understand the present. History is about connections — between people, ideas, events, time periods, places, and even between academic disciplines. Through acquiring knowledge of the past, student-historians become aware of these links between human experiences and ways of thought across the centuries and across the globe.

The History Department at Stetson University offers courses that cover time periods from ancient to modern and regions around the globe. Students of history will learn about history first-hand through primary research, along with improving their critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. History offers hands-on experience in internships, teaching or research apprenticeships, or through the adventure of a travel course. The History major is a good fit with many other majors and minors, and many department courses also support the University’s interdisciplinary programs: American Studies, Africana Studies, East Asian Studies, Gender Studies, International Studies, Latin American Studies, and Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies.

Upcoming Events

History Colloquium | Wednesday, February 24th

Professor Gustavo del Angel will discuss microfinance and development in Mexico

Stetson Showcase | Tuesday, April 12th

Stetson Showcase is a celebration of achievement whose aim is to foster an appreciation for academic excellence at Stetson University. Student presenters share their research through presentations, portfolios, posters, readings, music and theater performances, art shows, and multimedia work. They present their programs in professional settings for audiences that include judges, faculty, fellow students and interested members of the community.