Stetson University

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty - Department of Education

  • Nancy Billingsley, Ph.D., The Ohio State University. Visiting Assistant Professor.
  • Patrick Coggins, Ph.D., University of Connecticut. Jessie duPont Professor.
  • Christopher J. Colwell, Ed.D., University of Central Florida. Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Education; Specialty areas: Teacher evaluation, proficiency based education, education redesign. Experience: Classroom teacher, guidance counselor, elementary, middle, and high school principal, deputy superintendent. Research areas: Teacher effectiveness, professional learning communities, school redesign.
  • Carol A. Corcoran, Ed.D., University of Central Florida. Professor; Specialty areas: Elementary education, children's literature. Experience: Classroom teacher. Research areas: Reflective practice.
  • Glen Epley, Ph.D., Duke University. Professor; Specialty areas: Educational leadership and School law. Experience. Classroom teacher, school district deputy superintendent, and business executive. Research area: School law.
  • Joy Haugaard, Ph.D., University of Florida. Visiting Assistant Professor and Reading Coordinator; Specialty areas: Instruction and curriculum, exceptional student education, early childhood education, ESOL, reading, arts integration, cognitive skill training. Experience: Classroom ESE teacher, teacher education adjunct, assistant, & associate professor, intern supervisor, grant coordinator, cognitive skill trainer (student & teacher trainer). Research Interests: Teacher induction & retention, professional development schools, urban/high poverty schools, exceptional student education, collaborative teaming in teacher education, arts integration in education, cognitive skill training, university department partnerships for teacher training, technology in education.
  • Elizabeth (Bette) Heins, Ph.D., University of Virginia. Nina B. Hollis Professor; Specialty areas: Educational reform, exceptional student education, and educational psychology. Experience: Classroom teacher, behavior specialist, director of agency for students with multiple disabilities. Research areas: Collaborative inclusion models, professional development schools, single-gender education, reading and classroom management.
  • Leanna Isaacson, Ph.D., University of South Florida. Visiting Assistant Professor; Specialty areas: Educational Leadership. Experience: Public school principal. Research areas: Educational leadership and reform.
  • Douglas MacIsaac, Ed.S., Michigan State University. Assistant Professor; Specialty areas: Professional development schools, new teacher education and mentoring, curriculum and instruction. Research areas: Professional development schools.
  • Kathy Piechura-Couture, Ph.D., University of South Florida.Professor; Specialty areas: Educational reform, exceptional student education, and technology. Experience: Teacher of emotionally handicapped children, behavior specialist, LoTi certified trainer. Research areas: Professional development schools, collaborative inclusion models and curriculum for children with behavior disorders, single-gender education, program assessment models and technology integration.
  • Rajni Shankar-Brown, Ph.D., University of North Carolina Charlotte. Associate Professor; Specialty areas: Social justice and equity education, poverty and homelessness, global teacher preparation, multimodal literacies and arts integration, culturally responsive pedagogy, middle level education, qualitative research. Experience: Classroom teacher, literacy facilitator, teacher educator, internship supervisor, graduate program coordinator. Research: Transformative teaching and learning, poverty and homelessness, multimodal literacies and arts integration, middle level education, culturally responsive pedagogy, diversity and inclusion, global teacher preparation, critical reflection and service learning.
  • Carine Strebel Halpern, Ph.D., University of Central Florida. Assistant Professor and ESOL Coordinator; Specialty areas: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), ESOL infusion, second language literacy, instructional technology. Experience: French, German, and English as a second language instructor. Research areas: Effective instruction of English learners, collaborative instructional models, second language acquisition, educator professional development.
  • Merecedes Tichenor, Ed.D., Vanderbilt University. Professor and Director of Student Teaching; Specialty areas: Educational reform, elementary education, and curriculum and instruction. Experience: Classroom teacher. Research areas: Teacher professionalism, family and school connections, single-gender education, and mathematics pedagogy.
  • Debra Touchton, Ph.D., University of South Florida. Associate Professor; Specialty areas: Educational leadership, and school reform. Experience: Classroom teacher, district level administration. Research areas: School reform in poverty schools, educational leadership and professional development schools.
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