Student Research

Stetson Showcase

A festival of intellectual inquiry held across the campus each April, this event highlights students' research and creative activity in disciplines across the university. In recent years, an increasing number of Communication and Media Studies majors have presented their research at Stetson Showcase.

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  • Mary Basden, "Mary McLeod Bethune's Fight for Equality of African Americans: Creating a Foundation for the Civil Rights Movement"
  • Andrew Boyd, "Looking at Girlfriends: Ideological Hegemony and the Misrepresentation of Black Womanhood in a Black Situation Comedy"
  • Allison Davis, "Best Laid Plans: The Diffusion and Adoption of Social Media in County-Level Florida Emergency Management Departments"
  • Levi Gorman, "Adolescents' Exposure to Violence in Video Games: Analyzing the Arguments in Brown v. EMA"
  • Megan Hevner, "Celebration and Blame: An Epideictic Analysis of President Barack Obama's Address on Osama bin Laden's Assassination"
  • Damecia Jackson, "Hollywood, Gender, and Counterculture: Baudrillard's Simulation in Myra Breckinridge"
  • Natalya Jones, "'I said I was amazing/Not that I'm a Mason': Anti-Masonic Conspiracy Rhetoric and Hip-Hop Culture"
  • Christina Kapusta, "Termination Procedures: Managers' Self-Understanding and Usage of Parenting and Coaching Metaphors"
  • Sidney Simmons, "The Rhetorical Invasion: The Bush Administration's Discourse from September 2001 through March 2003"
  • Christa Hazel, "Small Sustainable Businesses on Facebook: Establishing Brands and Fostering Communities"
  • Ashley Strauss, "'Even Grief Recedes With Time and Grace': George W. Bush and the Genre of Tragedy"


  • Alyssa Lohr, "Orson Welles, We Have Ourselves a Rhetorical' Situation"
  • Taylor Smith, "Hyper Pluralism in the Media: A Rhetorical Analysis"
  • Brittany Weiss, "'Get a Mac;' The Persuasiveness of the Apple Campaign and its Relevance to the Brand Image"

SURE Grants

Each summer, a select group of undergraduates undertake in-depth research projects of their own choosing under the mentorship of a faculty member. These research projects often provide a foundation for the students' senior research and help to build students' qualifications for graduate study.

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SURE Grant Recipients


  • Michael Paul Cartledge, "Communicating about Community at Hipster Church."
  • Kai Eckenrode, "Sustainability, Resilience, and the Future of Environmental Rhetoric."