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Showcase Presentations, 2010-present


Rhiannon Boyer: Earthrise: Symbols, Images, and the Environmental Movement

Kendall Diehl: CEOs and She-E-Os: Analyzing the Gendered Discussion of Corporate Female Leaders in Business News Journals

Taylor Duguay: ‘I Am Your Voice’: The Construction of Donald Trump as a Populist Hero in his 2016 RNC Address

Daniella Hankey: When Tragedy Strikes: A Frame Analysis of Two CBS News Outlets During the First Forty-Eight Hours of the Orlando Pulse Shooting

Natalia Mojica-Arango: Hollywood Goes to War: A Rhetorical Criticism of Disney Propaganda During WWII

Michael Peter: Bikers, Drugs, and Rock and Roll: Creation of Culture in Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider

Amanda Rogers: Analysis of Ghostbusters 2017

Andrea D. Slouha: Supergirl and How Characterization Forms a Metaphor on American Immigration and the Refugee Agenda 

Austin Tyrrell: Colin Kaepernick…Please Rise: A Dramatistic Analysis of Colin Kaepernick’s Protest as Symbolic Action

Samantha Zarek: Black Sunday: NASCAR’s public relations strategies in response to Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s death


Alyssa Bajek: The $17,000 Ball Pit: What Dashcon Tells Us about Tumblr, Memes, and Digital Culture

Crystal Britt: American Horror Story: Equipment through living? 

Sarah Dean: Tomorrow Never Knows: The rhetoric and communication of John Lennon and Paul McCartney through their post-1966 songs with The Beatles

Nichole Lamaritata: The Invasion of Technology on the Hiring Process: Private and Public Information and the Effects on the Hiring Process in the Eyes of the Employer

*Ariell Marsh: Narrative Theory and Analysis: Bill O’Reilly’s Broadcast Coverage on the Trayvon Martin Case 

Victoria Marsh: Setting the Scene for Shopping: A Visual-Rhetorical Reading of Local Supermarkets 

Emily Singer: General Motors’ Ignition Switch Crisis: A Case Study of Corporate Image Restoration Strategies

Abigail L. Thompson: Saved by the Bell Schedule? A Study of High School Organizational Culture

Jacob Thorburn: Remembering the Forgotten Movement, St. Augustine in the Civil Rights Era

Kayla Weller: Communication Styles of Correctional Educators and Incarcerated Students: Relationship Building and Trust Within a Prison Education Environment

Ariel Zeig: Redefining Romance: A Rhetorical Narrative Criticism of Vicky Cristina Barcelona and the Role of Familiarizing Audiences with Non-Monogamy 


Emily Block: School Lunch at SunnySide: The Communicative Practices Regarding Food and Nutrition at a Public Elementary School

Biby Chacon: Queen B: A Rhetorical Critique on Beyonce and Feminism

Kathryn Curvino: If Facebook Content Could Talk: Self-Perceptions of Online Communication

Taylor Duguay, Marta Ferrer, and Blake Plattsmier: The Integration of Stetson Athletics 

Corey Brainna Garswick: What Are We Really Reading? A Burkean Analysis of Online News Articles Surrounding the Situation in Ferguson

Aaliyah Gray, Meagan Manning, and Taylor Milenkovic: #redefineperfect: A Selfie Campaign 

Tara Hunter: Justifying War: A Study on the Military Use of Film Propaganda for the Vietnam War

Carly Lees: Communicating Hope: Involving Volunteers in the Mission of a Non-Profit Organization

Holly Mae Meadows: Mothering and Southern Identity in Contemporary Films: the Fantasy Theme of Southern Motherhood

Drew Neitzey: “There Goes the Neighborhood:” A Dramatistic Approach to Race, Community, and Memory in Bruce Norris’ Clybourne Park

Alexandra Paulus: The Facebook Application: A Communication Tool or Used Out of Boredom?

Lauren Polhill: Analyzing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as Presented on Grey’s Anatomy: Testing Positive for Realism

Sierra Railey: Investigating Communication of Emergency Response Management


Courtney Allbee: “It’s going down, I’m yelling Tinder”: Creating Interpersonal Relationships Beginning with a Swipe to the Right

Tyler Andrews: “This Dark Diction has become America’s Addiction”: Afrocentricity and the Manifestations of Nommo in Kanye West’s Album Yeezus

Cody Cartledge: Urban Worship Stars and Me: Construction and Communication of Identity Within Hipster Evangelicalism

Jennifer Rose Curtis: The Search for Religious Solidarity through Ethnic Diversity: The Experiences of Spanish-Speaking Latinos in English-speaking Churches

Ali MacGillivray: Humor as Rhetorical Strategy: President Clinton’s Performance at the 2000 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Brittany McCaughey: Athletes, Communication, and Success: Collegiate Athletes’ Perceptions of the Importance of Communication in Relation to Team Success

Vivian Warren: The Evolution of Social Media: Generation Y, Relational Maintenance, and the Ten-Second Snap


James Albright- Technology, Freedom, and Revolution: A Critical-Cultural Analysis of the Unabomber’s Manifesto

Alexis Aldamuy, Emily B. Lock, Miranda Ghali, Matthew Ianolino, Amanda Makres, Lauren Polhill- Duncan’s Healthy Day: A Service Learning Project

Seah Bankston- Sex and the Objectification of Women in Reality Television: A Critical-Cultural Analysis of The Bad Girls Club

Camille Nicole Bodden- Sex & Sequins: Incongruous Depictions of Motherhood in Child Pageant Documentary

Lindsay Brown- Lights, Camera, Communication: Baz Luhrmann’s Postmodern Aesthetic in The Red Curtain Trilogy

Michael Paul Cartledge- Creating Community at Evergreen Church: Intentional Artistic Expression within a Hip Congregation

Jewel Connelly- Can Do Black All By Myself: Challenging Perceptions of Black Males in Tyler Perry Films

Ashley Dennis- Is it contagious? Positive Influence and Social Responsibility in Interactional Communication

Kai Eckenrode- “Don’t Buy This Jacket”: Consumerism, Environmentalism, and Status Quo Sustainability

Stephanie Gonzalez-Riestra- What Makes a Hero? Exploring Moral Decisions Through Role-Playing in Tales of Symphonia

Kayla Johnson- “Hip-Hop Said I’m a Nigga”: A Critical-Cultural and Cluster Analysis of Niggas in Hip-Hop

Michael Muralles- Creating Humor Through Rhetoric: An Analysis of The Colbert Report

Nikki Owen- The Fierce Five: A Cluster Criticism of Media Interviews with the 2012 U.S. Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team

Kirsten Scales- The Nappy Truth: Black Women Talk about their Hair

Stephen Schofield- #Connected by Symbolism in Technology: The Hashtag as a Meta-Character for Identification on Twitter


Mary Basden- The Inception Period of the Civil Rights Movement: A Look into the Discourse of Mary McLeod Bethune

Andrew Boyd- Are You Really My Girlfriend?: Mass media and the reoccurrence of black female stereotypes as a symbol of lower social status

Allison Davis- The Diffusion of Social Media: The Evolution of the Communication Social System in Emergency Management Departments

Levi Gorman- Modal Progression in Argumentation: Ethical Analysis of Video Game Related Violence

Megan Hevner- Celebration and Blame: An Epideictic Analysis of President Barack Obama’s Address on Osama bin Laden’s Assassination

Damecia Jackson- “I am Myra Breckinridge whom no man will ever possess.” Myra Breckinridge: A Sign of the Times

Natalya Jones- “I said that I was amazing/Not that I’m a mason”: A Dramatic Analysis of Anti-Masonic Conspiracy Rhetoric in Hip-Hop Culture

Christina Kapusta- Managerial Perceptions of the Termination Procedure: A Qualitative Investigation

Sidney Simmons- The Rhetorical Invasion: A Weaverian Analysis of the Bush Administration’s Discourse between September 11, 2001, and March 19, 2003

Ashley Strauss- Even Grief Recedes Time and Grace: The Genre of the Rhetoric of Tragedy

Christa Hazel- Local Business Marketing on Facebook: A Grounded Theory Approach to Online Community Engagement and Brand


Katie Lynn Boardman- Understanding the Power of Identification: A Rhetorical Analysis of The Oprah Winfrey Show

Alyssa A. Lohr- Orson Welles, We Have Ourselves a “Rhetorical” Situation

Abigail LeMay- The American Way: Depictions of Masculinity and Heavy Drinking in Film

Brittany Morgan Weiss- ‘Get a Mac’: The Persuasiveness of the Apple Campaign and its Relevance to the Brand Image