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Wellness and Recreation offers numerous employment opportunities. All positions provide a practical experience and useful knowledge that will help you become more marketable in any profession. The Wellness and Recreation experience teaches you conflict management, problem solving, customer service and critical thinking skills that are unparalleled with any other job on campus.

Job Opportunities

  • Lifeguard (certification required)
  • Group exercise/Aerobic instructor (certification required)
  • Building Manager
  • Member service
  • Fitness coach
  • Sport Program Supervisor
  • Sport Program officials
  • Graduate assistant

How to Apply

Complete the online application. A staff member will contact you regarding your application during the hiring process. Please note that if you're a student, we can only employ you if you're eligible for federal work study or university employment.

For more information, call 386-822-7237 or stop by the Hollis Center front desk.

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