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Leadership Development

Leadership, as defined by Webster, is "the position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group." People from all walks of life will become leaders, either by choice or necessity. In college, most students begin testing themselves as leaders in various ways, in part because college is the first time that they're given independence and self-determination. In many ways, college is leadership because of the opportunities that students have to prove themselves in a leadership role and because any college campus, whether the student population is small or large, is essentially a society in and of itself.

Stepping Up

There are numerous ways to lead at Stetson University. Start by joining a registered student organization -- there are over one hundred of them and they cater to every interest, from politics to animal rights to firearms and most everything in between. If there isn't anything that quite fits what you're looking for, you can really step up and start a new organization.

Interested in becoming a student leader on campus? Check out ULead - Stetson's university-wide leadership application to learn about leadership positions you can apply for on campus.

Reasons to Step Up

College is one of the last gates before entering into the working adult world, and taking on leadership roles now will benefit you immensely in terms of future employment, resume building and in giving you a richer and more diverse college experience overall. Here are some reasons why you should get involved today:

  1. Leadership roles in college prepare you for life situations that will occur in the future
  2. Your involvement in leadership-building experiences can enhance your resume
  3. You will meet people that will wind up becoming life-long friends
  4. There is infinite opportunity for you to grow as an individual
  5. You could create positive social change
  6. Networking and professional connections almost always follow from leadership roles in college
  7. You could become a mentor or role model for younger individuals
  8. You can gain a deeper understanding of individuals and each person's unique set of strengths and abilities
  9. You will become more experienced in dealing negative situations, from minor problems to full-blown crises
  10. It's fun!

Next Steps

What are you waiting for? Get involved in a student organization and start making a difference!

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