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Grants, Sponsored Research, and Strategic Initiatives

The primary role of the Office of Grants, Sponsored Research, and Strategic Initiatives is to support the university's faculty and student research, scholarships, and strategic projects (e.g., campus-wide initiatives). The office assists faculty, students, and staff in their efforts to achieve funding. We research and identify funding opportunities including government, private foundations, and corporate entities. Our goal is to develop a university culture that encourages, supports, and advances grant seeking and success.

We can assist with:

  • Researching and identifying funding opportunities, developing and reviewing proposals, interpreting guidelines, and contacting and establishing relationships with grant-making organizations, including assistance if and when contacting a program officer is appropriate.
  • Creating collaborative opportunities between university departments

Whatever your research needs, we can help. We will run searches any time you are looking for a particular grant opportunity.

If you're starting work on a proposal to an outside entity such as a foundation or government agency, start by completing the External Grant Form or contacting the grants office for any assistance you might need.

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Carol G. Buckels, Director

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Florida DOE Awards $1.1 Million Grant to Volusia Education Partners


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