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The Writing Center is staffed by friendly, trained peer tutors who come from majors and programs across the university. As students and writers ourselves, we know that writing can be difficult, and we know how valuable a second pair of eyes can be to the writing process. We hope to help each student who visits us become a better, more confident writer, one session at a time.


Student Staff (Fall 2022)

Lead Tutors

  • Amandine Louis-Charles, Major: International Business and International Studies; Minor: Spanish 
  • Lisa Jordan, Major: English; Minor: Creative Writing; Certificate Minor: Community Engagement

Peer Tutors

  • Abby Santore, Major: English; Minors: Theatre Arts, Communications
  • Alexis Diamond, Majors: Communication and Media Studies, Political Science; Minor: English
  • Alexis Oliver, Major: Psychology; Minor: Business Law
  • Christie St. Vil, Majors: Sociology, Chemistry; Minors: Criminology & Certificate of Community Engagement
  • Ciara Kelley, Majors: English, Studio Art; Minor: Digital Arts
  • De'Ja Smith, Major: Accounting; Minor: Business Law
  • Emily Derrenbacker, Majors: English, Social Science
  • Emma Weis, Major: English; Minor: Education
  • Evan Hernandez, Major: Music; Minor: Creative Writing
  • Isabella Recanzone, Major: Public Health; Minor: Sociology
  • Jenna Hassebrock, Major: Environmental Science; Minors: Chemistry, Public Health, and Certificate of Community Engagement
  • Kayla Krovich, Major: English; Minor: Psychology 
  • Kelly Liu, Major: Marketing; Minor: Creative Writing 
  • Ki'Janne Alfred, Major: Political Science; Minor: Business Law
  • Madison Skelton, Majors: Public Health, Hispanic Studies; Minor: Certificate of Community Engagement 
  • Noureen Saeed, Major: Internation Business; Minor: Philosophy
  • Sydney Holder, Major: Music Education; Instrumental/ General
  • Xanthippe Pack-Brown, Major: English; Minors: Gender Studies and Creative Writing

Front Desk Project Managers

  • Amanda Bedony, Major: Political Science; Minor: Business Law 
  • Chase Berger, Major: English; Minor: Journalism
  • Alana Sasson, Major: Marketing