Political Policies and Guidelines

Stetson University values civic engagement and encourages students to share their opinions in ways that further our educational mission. There are a few policies with which students, faculty and staff should be familiar.

Stetson University's Political Policy outlines the guidelines for hosting political events on campus (this includes if the event is being held by faculty or student organizations). It also includes disclaimers that need to be read at the beginning of any political events, and outlines rules and regulations for political campaigns and what can and cannot be done on campus.

Stetson University's Statement of Principles of Free Expression outlines how Stetson defines speech, why Stetson protects free speech and how free speech is protected on campus. The policy also outlines when free speech is limited (i.e. when it violates the law or other university policies).

Public Safety's Civil Protest Policy outlines the rights that students have to civil, non-violent protests. The document is from the Office of Public Safety and also outlines the responsibilities of Stetson University staff in the events of protests.