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Summer Study @ Stetson - Go Further Faster

Stetson offers plenty of opportunities to further your studies during the summer! Whether you wish to study on campus, study online or study away, Stetson has multiple summer solutions to fit your academic needs.

Undergraduate Summer Study 2019 Schedule

  • Session 1 (4 Weeks): May 20-June 18
  • Session 2 (7 Weeks): May 20-July 11
  • Session 3 (4 Weeks): June 20-July 19
  • Summer Internships Start May 20

For a complete listing of academic deadlines and summer session dates, visit our full schedule.

Summer Study 2019 Schedule

Study On-Campus

Our focused, on-campus summer courses ensure you have the foundational, advanced knowledge and relevant skills you need to get ahead today and stay ahead tomorrow. Our top faculty offer up-to-date and condensed coursework. Housing and financial aid are available for those who qualify.

Study Online

Stetson offers a hands-on approach to help students achieve their personal and professional goals. Our student-centered approach by Stetson's world-class faculty provides students virtually anywhere with a personal learning experience. Enjoy the convenience of taking your summer courses anywhere you go. For students planning to take a summer internship while away from campus, online study offers a convenient way to complete additional coursework while you're getting hands on, real-world experience.

Study Abroad, Study Away

Expand your horizons through our far-reaching range of study away programs in the U.S. and study abroad programs around the world. Experience first-hand how culture and location impact global affairs, while gaining essential knowledge and skills that will help you be competitive in the global marketplace. For business students a study away or study abroad experience can help satisfy your Experiential Learning Requirements.

Course Listings

Once you've decided to participate in Summer Study at Stetson, please visit the "Course Listings" link. It will take you to our "Class Schedule" page.

  • Select "Summer 2019 - DeLand/Celebration."
  • Decide if you want to stay on campus during the summer, take an online course or study abroad.
  • Select your class level (undergraduate or graduate)
  • Select the term you're interested in, "1st 4 Weeks Summer", "2nd 4 Weeks Summer" or "7 Weeks Summer" for a list of available courses.