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Summer at Stetson: Special Session

Incoming Fall 2024 first-year students have two exciting opportunities this summer:

  • .The opportunity to receive a $1,000 scholarship to attend one of two summer sessions, where they can earn college credit.
    • Session 3 (four weeks): June 20 - July 18
    • Sessions 4 (Special Summer Session, six weeks): June 20 - July 31
  • The Summer Engagement Experience, intended for students interested in the health profession. This 3-hour experience is non-credit and costs only $25.

Stetson is offering all Fall 2024 incoming first-year students a Special Summer Session, which is six weeks long and runs June 20 - July 31. Faculty are offering a variety of courses specifically for incoming students, including public speaking, history, mathematics, anthropology, economics and computer science. Many of these courses fulfill general education requirements; all of them provide a great opportunity to engage with Stetson faculty and students in learning, exploring and expanding your Stetson experience. All of them are offered online.

Alternatively, Stetson is offering a select number of courses in a four-week session between June 20 - July 18, called Session 3. These short, intense learning experiences are good choices for first-year students and include art courses in drawing and painting, an introduction to sociology, an introduction to anthropology and creative writing courses. 

Incoming students may take no more than one course in the six-week term that runs June 20 - July 31 and/or in Session 3 that runs June 20 - July 18.

$1,000 Scholarship

All incoming Fall 2024 first-year students, including new transfer students, will qualify for a $1,000 scholarship toward the price of one course during either session. This represents a significant reduction of over 40% on normal summer pricing. Courses for this session are online, so you can complete a course wherever you are or wherever you might be traveling to this summer. As our current students and Student Success staff will tell you, taking a summer class helps prepare you for fall classes and gives you a head start on completing your Stetson degree.

During this Special Summer Session, faculty and staff will also be offering a short, concentrated and special seminar experience titled, "Becoming a Stetson Pre-Health Student." This is a non-credit, non-graded learning adventure. This engagement experience is online, so you can join in from anywhere, and the only cost is a $25 registration fee.  

You don't have to be taking part in the Special Summer Session to take advantage of the Summer Engagement Experience.

This course will introduce new Stetson students to Stetson’s pre-health program. It is offered by the Pre-Health Advisor of Stetson's pre-health program and supports pre-health students. Students will learn about opportunities within healthcare, Stetson's student pre-health groups and other related activities, as well as how to become a competitive applicant to graduate programs in the health professions.

This Engagement Experience is for students interested in a health profession.

Meets Wednesday, July 17th, 1 - 4 p.m.

Instructor: Natalie Bittles, PhD, Pre-Health Advisor

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How To Get Started

If you are interested in participating in the Special Summer Session (Session 4) and/or the Summer Engagement Experience, please contact [email protected] to get started. Incoming students participating in for-credit courses will work with first-year advising to ensure that your Fall schedule accounts for the coursework you might plan to complete during the summer.