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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Add a minor or second major
  • Accelerate your academic program
  • Keep on track for graduation
  • Take required and elective classes that are hard to schedule in the fall and spring semesters
  • Study on campus or at home
  • Online courses either meet at designated times or are set up to meet your needs

  • Session 1: May 15 - June 13
  • Session 2: May 15 - July 6
  • Session 3: June 15 - July 17
  • Session 4: June 20 - August 1 (Summer Experience will run during Session 4)

  • Full-unit course: $2,410
  • Quarter-unit course: $603
  • Half-unit course: $1,205
  • Three-quarter-unit course: $1,808
  • Internship course unit rate: $500
  • Half-unit internship course: $250

Current Stetson Students

Registration is available online beginning February 20. A registration pin to enroll in summer classes is no longer necessary. Browse the summer course offerings and register now!

Prospective Students

Visit the Office of Admissions website to begin your enrollment process.

Transient Students

Fill out the non-degree seeking student form and visit the Office of Admissions website. Once filled out, you work with the registrar's office to register for courses. We also ask for a transcript from your current institution and a form showing approval from your institution to take the course(s) at Stetson.

Undergraduate students may take up to two courses (equivalent of eight credit hours) per session or overlapping sessions. The maximum course load for the entire summer for undergraduate students is three courses (equivalent to 12 credit hours). Incoming, first-year students may take only one course per session or overlapping sessions.

See the current refund policy in the Stetson University Catalog, which states: "In the summer term, students who withdraw within the first week will receive a tuition and residence hall refund of 50 percent. After one week, no refunds will be made."

The Office of Financial Planning can provide information on financial assistance options available to undergraduate students during the summer. You may contact the office at 386-822-7120.