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Remembering Innsbruck Documentary 

And You Films are the filmmakers of this documentary. During the past months, they have been interviewing alumni, current students, staff and faculty for this documentary. 

A student-led screening of the documentary took place during Values Day, on November 7, 2023, on campus, making this a true intergenerational endeavor. Other screenings have taken place at Homecoming, Atlanta, Tampa and Boca Raton.  

Contact Amy Gipson for details!

Homecoming Screening
Homecoming 2023

Screening at Homecoming
on October 20

View Homecoming Screening
Atlanta Screening

Screening in Atlanta
on January 21

View Atlanta Screening
Boca Raton Screening
Boca Raton

Screening in Boca Raton
on April 21

View Boca Raton Screening
Tampa Screening

Screening in Tampa
on April 18

View Tampa

Coming Next

The next segment is expected to be released during Homecoming 2024. Additional segments are in discussion.