Soul of Stetson

The Origin

In January 1979, Stetson University Professor Joe Master and Dean Edward Furlong accompanied 40 students on a European mini-semester business seminar, and then tragedy struck. An avalanche took the lives of three Stetson Hatters – Katy Resnik, Scotty Fenlon and Dennis Long.

It has taken us 45 years to gather and truly tell their story. But in the process of honoring and remembering their life, a movement has been born. Their stories become the tapestry that presents the Soul of Stetson to past, present and future Hatters.

Soul of Stetson

Soul of Stetson is an alumni-driven and administration-supported movement that embodies values, experiences, people, and connections. It represents 'THE WHY'—that intangible essence that it’s experienced when interacting with Stetson. It compels us to return, give back, love and engage with the university. Today, all who have been touched by the spark of the Soul of Stetson share the mission of fortifying it for future generations.


In the summer of 2023, some alumni returned to Innsbruck to reconnect and remember their lost friends. Their stories, and many others, have been captured in the Remembering Innsbruck documentary, which honors those memories and gives voice to the strength to be found in the Stetson community still today.



As more alumni came together, inspired by what happened on the mountain in Innsbruck 45 years ago, something much larger surfaced. An alumni-led, multigenerational grassroots movement began. Alumni, students and others started reflecting on their Stetson experiences, shared values... and the best within us.

Soul of Stetson emerged.


Hulley Tower Reconstruction

Alumni–thinking of Innsbruck and the Soul of Stetson, and their tangible representation–then looked to Hulley Tower, which had been taken down to its base in 2005 after sustaining catastrophic damage during consecutive hurricanes. The new tower would become not only a memorial for those lost but a symbol of the Soul of Stetson and a vibrant space to gather and celebrate as a community. A fundraising campaign to rebuild Hulley Tower started.

Upcoming Events

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Remembering Innsbruck Documentary Premier and Hulley Tower groundbreaking.

Stetson Values Day

Come back and reconnect with Stetson, by joining us in vibrant discussions and active dialogue about the timeless Stetson Values that bind our community together.

What Inspired Them to Get Involved?

Susan Perry Brockway

"We love our Alma Mater and are so happy to be able to invest in this meaningful symbol and important space that welcomes everyone on campus and in the community. Using this location as a place to honor our business school classmates that we lost in 1979 in Innsbruck during our trip is paramount to us."

So many years later it is important that we do not forget this history of Stetson and Hulley Tower is the perfect space to incorporate this remembrance. We hope that HulleyTower will serve as a visible symbol for all to see that these three classmates are forever a part of Stetson.

Susan Perry Brockway '79, Pi Beta Phi
Peter Brockway ‘78

Jill Jinks from the class of 1979

"My brother and I rarely agree on our areas of support. When the Hulley Tower project began developing, we both jumped at it. Our family 'why' came from John and me realizing that Hulley Tower was a symbol of our Stetson Experience though two years apart."

We wanted to be part of something much bigger than us and make a statement about what we valued - a community that remembers, by helping to create a warm and inviting space that welcomes all, that respect the larger nature of the place and the lives that come to Stetson that are magically and forever transformed. We want Hulley Tower to remind us of it all.It is time.

Jill Jinks '79

David Marco from the class of 1978

"Stetson has certainly played a huge role in our lives - but this is much larger than that. We want to replace and rekindle the role that HulleyTower once was - a symbol of Stetson University and a significant historical edifice for DeLand and the State of Florida."

Reborn, it will become a cornerstone of campus, providing a gathering area for students, alumni and visitors - while allowing reflection of the Innsbruck trio. We are thankful for this opportunity and consider this project to be a timeless highlight of the Stetson campus and legacy for decades to come.

David Marco '78, Julie and Michael '13