Vehicle and Driver Safety

The safety of our students, faculty, staff and the community is a central concern of Stetson University. As a driver, you have a responsibility to your passengers, the university and to the general public with whom you share the roadway. The following safety guidelines, governing the use of university-owned, leased or business-related vehicles, are designed to support safe and prudent use of vehicles. It is the responsibility of all university-approved drivers to review and adhere to these guidelines in order to support optimum safety while driving on behalf of the university.

The Vehicle/Driver Safety Policy and Guidelines contains the following:


Approved Driver Forms

To be added to the Approved Drivers list, please complete the following form:

Please make sure that copies of your drivers license are legible. Allow five days for processing.

Vehicles and Vans

Please review the applicable guidelines and complete/sign the acknowledgment sheet. Please send the signature sheet to Risk Management (unit 8318) via email or interoffice mail.

Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles

Golf cart and utility vehicle drivers can self-register for training using the Stetson Drivers Learning Path. Operators shall review the Golf Cart and Utility Vehicle Safety Policy and complete the Golf Cart Safety course in the learning path. Completion certificates should be forwarded to the operator’s supervisor for record keeping. Supervisor shall also ensure that a hands-on training is completed in addition to the online training module. Supervisors shall not permit individuals to drive golf carts or utility vehicles until training is complete. 

If you need assistance with registering for the Stetson Drivers Learning Path, please email [email protected] 

Important University Policies

University Vehicles/Accident Reporting Guidelines