Stetson Showcase

Stetson Showcase is a celebration of achievement that was established to foster an appreciation for academic excellence at Stetson University. Student presenters share their research through presentations, portfolios, posters, readings, music and theater performances, art shows, and multimedia work. They present their programs in professional settings for audiences that include judges, faculty, fellow students and interested members of the community.

2024 Showcase Program

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All Stetson students are eligible to take part in the Stetson Showcase. Any classroom project/paper, summer internship results, senior project, recital performance, artwork, short story, poetry or other academic topic is eligible for presentation.

Application Process

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Presentation Format

To accommodate the many different ways of presenting scholarly and creative works in an academic setting, several suggested formats are available (all must adhere to a 10-minute timeframe). Presenters are responsible for ensuring that materials necessary for presentations arrive at venues in a timely and orderly manner. Some examples of presentation formats include:

  • Oral presentation (10 minutes, projector and laptop available for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, but use of Microsoft PowerPoint is not required)
  • Poster presentation (poster board forum). For printing the "large format" poster, contact the Print Shop.
  • Reading a paper (visual aids or handouts are recommended)
  • Recital of music combined with discussion thereof
  • Reading of poetry, fiction or creative non-fiction combined with discussion thereof
  • Brief dramatic performance combined with discussion thereof
  • Exhibition of visual and plastic art works combined with oral presentation
  • Demonstration of digital artwork combined with discussion thereof

Students should tailor presentations to a level appropriate to a non-specialist in the field. Discussions of creative presentations should help non-specialists understand the craft present in the work. Previous winners have been successful with this technique.


Each group of judges for each specific presentation location decide among themselves the appropriate and consistent criteria that help them decide which presentations are most effective. In general, students are asked to discuss their projects at a level that anyone not knowing the area can understand. Part of an effective presentation is effective communication, and we ask that the judges keep this as a consistent criteria for choosing the best presentation for all involved.

Maris Prize

The winners at each of the locations receive a Maris Prize of $200 and a certificate of excellence. An honorable mention is also chosen for each venue.

Further Information

For further information on Stetson Showcase or the application procedures, please contact the chair of the Undergraduate Research Committee, Kimberly Reiter, PhD: