Stetson Showcase Background


Stetson Showcase has been known by many names through the years, but its focus on academic quality has remained constant.

The program debuted in 1999 with the name Undergraduate Scholarship and Performance Day (USAPD). It then became known as Undergraduate Scholarship Day (USD) through 2006. After that, it was known as Stetson Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium (SURCAS) until 2011, when the name was changed to Stetson Showcase. By any name, it's designed to foster an appreciation for academic achievements at Stetson University. Student presenters share their research, projects, portfolios and performances with the Stetson University community. Projects have included research papers, posters, music and theater performances, and multimedia work.

The judging panel is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who are experts in their fields. To reflect the liberal arts environment of Stetson University and the many areas of student research study, the judging panel is comprised of individuals who can appreciate the work completed in this environment. Judges ask insightful questions about each diverse project and interact with the student presenter to learn more about the subject area and allow the student to show expertise.

While many Stetson University students have the opportunity to present their scholarly work at professional meetings across the country, Stetson Showcase provides an additional opportunity for them to display their work to faculty, fellow students and interested members of the wider community. The event is constructed like an interdisciplinary professional conference. All students and faculty are invited to attend the presentations/performances. See the 2019 Showcase program.

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