Signature Programs in Community Engagement

Two students performing irrigation work in the Dominican Republic, 2017

Alternative Breaks

The Alternative Break Program is a student-run program that recruits participants to attend direct service experiences throughout our global community. Through year-long team building and issue education, students prepare for collaborative and intentional service in a new environment. 

Class of 2017 Bonner students on the Stetson Green

Bonner ProgramĀ 

Students in the Bonner Program work with nonprofit partners in our community to collectively and collaboratively solve challenges such as homelessness, education and health care through long-term service internships. In addition, students receive weekly training about professional skills and social justice issues while building community within the Bonner family.

Three Environmental Sustainability Fellows up a tree

Environmental Fellows

Environmental Sustainability Fellows foster a culture of environmentalism through education about social, economic, and environmental practices and direct involvement with the DeLand community. Fellows receive support from both faculty mentors and staff in the Center for Community Engagement.

Greenfeather trophy on a table in front of the Stetson Green


Greenfeather is a week-long competition of impact between student teams that takes place during Homecoming Week. Members of the Stetson and DeLand communities are united to raise funds for the Greenfeather Grant, an annual $10,000 sum given to one selected nonprofit partner to build the capacity of their organization. 

Students volunteering with

Peace Corps Prep Program

The Peace Corps Prep Program prepares participants for international development fieldwork and future Peace Corps service. By enrolling in courses and performing volunteer work focused on one of the five Peace Corps sectors, students will develop a global perspective, and gain the language, professional and technical skills sought by Peace Corps.

A sandwich board instructing students to Vote Here

Stetson Votes

Stetson Votes is a team of faculty, staff and students who strive to engage all members of our community in the democratic process. Stetson Votes is the one-stop shop for all voter resources for faculty, staff, students and community members!