Gender Studies

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With a minor in gender studies, you will apply critical thinking skills to analyze the role of gender identity in shaping human experience. The minor will foster your intellectual curiosity through an interdisciplinary curriculum to address the challenging question of how power, culture, and mass media have reinforced notions of gender roles and gender identity. The program will have a profound impact on your personal, professional and intellectual growth.

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Program Overview

Gender Studies is an exciting interdisciplinary academic program with a strong presence on campus through invited speakers, discussion panels, performances and other events. Students will develop a variety of skills to analyze and integrate theories, concepts and evidence. They will learn how to become activists and advocates for gender and LGBTQ equality. The program fuses a strong academic program with co-curricular programming and activist goals and challenges students to rethink their own understandings of how the world works. A wide range of courses allow students to focus on their particular study interests to fulfill the minor's requirements.

Program Benefits

Students have the opportunity to carry out independent research projects in the capstone course for the minor. The Gender Studies program supports other high-impact learning practices such as internships and teaching apprenticeships.

Our program gives several awards annually, including

  • the June Brooks Award for Activism: awarded to students who demonstrate significant activist work on behalf of causes related to gender, race, class or sexuality
  • the Ann Morris Essay and Creative Writing Awards
  • the Jacquelyn Hogue Gentry Awards: awarded for a graduating senior with a demonstrated commitment to the advancement of women's issues
  • an award to the program's outstanding senior

Our gender studies program supports and works with student organizations such as the student chapter of the National Organization for Women and facilitates connections for students with local organizations such as the League of Women Voters, which in 2012 sponsored two students to attend the League Legislative Summit in Tallahassee to help lobby state legislators. The program also cultivates connections and collaborates with the Daytona Beach chapter of AAUW and regularly recommends students to participate in the annual National Conference for College Women Student Leadership.

To supplement its academic focus, Gender Studies organizes significant co-curricular events. Speakers in recent years have included:

  • Norma Ramos, an anti-trafficking activist
  • Julia Serano, a transgender activist and performer
  • Eve Ensler, author of the acclaimed play
  • The Vagina Monologues
  • The activist performance group, the Guerilla Girls
  • Jackson Katz, anti-sexual violence activist, educator and cultural theorist
  • The Core Ensemble, a music theatre that chronicles the lives and times of powerful African-American women.


Faculty from across the university teach in the program and are recognized scholars and commended classroom instructors:

Career Significance

The minor in Gender Studies is an excellent preparation for academic programs and career opportunities. Students gain perspectives and critical reading, writing and thinking skills that will help them in graduate school areas, including women's studies or gender studies programs, any liberal arts graduate degree, law school, or a business graduate program, and more. The perspectives students encounter in gender studies are useful preparation for any career from law, education and business, to social service and the arts.

Success Story

Hannah Fageeh '16

The Gender Studies program at Stetson guided me towards a career path of social justice reform. My goal in the "real world" after my Bachelor's degree was to work in a field that empowers the marginalized groups in our society. During my senior year, I interned with Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, coordinating volunteers and working with the Field Organizing staff. After graduation, I moved to Denver, Colorado. It is approaching almost a year of my work with Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains as a Call Center Assistant! I am also currently attending the University of Colorado Denver where I am completing a Master's Certificate program in Gender-Based Violence. I truly believe that my involvement in the Gender Studies programs helped me translate my passion into work. It has shown me that being an active part of the resistance can be a career. Although it sometimes feels like an unbearable challenge, the pursuit of equality is extremely rewarding!

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